The Most Important of The Previous Android or

The previous Android o is here, and like the previous Android n last year, comes with a large number of features that seem to be focused on optimizing the user experience and to improve the autonomy of the terminal with this version of Android.

Of all those characteristics that we have known in the last few hours, there are a number of them that are the most important and that they can have a real effect in your day to day with your smartphone. Surely we will see some disappear in following previous, while will integrate new ones.

The Android or timeline

This is the timeline of the previous and the final arrival of Android or for the third quarter of year:

  • Current: Preview 1 (Alpha)
  • May 2017: Preview 2 (incremental update, beta)
  • June 2017: Preview 3 (completed APIs, developers can publish apps to offer support to the nuefvas APIs in Android or)
  • July 2017: Preview 4 (publication of the final beta before the stable release)
  • Q3 2017: launch of Android or

Devices that You can install the prior Android o are:

  • Nexus 5 X
  • Nexus 6 p
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel/XL
  • C pixel

The only way to install it manually as we collect from this entrance where you will find more details.

Notification channels

One of the most important features of Android N were rich notifications, and already you get used to them every day to use them, by allowing more information in a space tend to go every few minutes.

Notifications of Android or channels notices grouped by their type. The user may select notifications in the status bar shown to “turn off” which does not want to and let look interest that.

To be clear, you can a new way to control notifications rich Android brought in Nougat.

System ‘ Background limits’

If notifications are one of the biggest proposed by Google with Android or, work performed background is another aspect to be highlighted, as well improve the autonomy of a terminal.

The real objective of this system is to make it easier to develop an app in Android do not make one major impact on the battery life of the device. To summarize it, Android sets certain standards for those moments in which apps become a first or a second level and continue to function perfectly.

They will be services in the background, updates location and data links, the areas in which Google has made various optimizations.

Adaptive icons

One of those Visual changes that we both like and that will bring the great Google Pixel launcher G, Adaptive icons. This is where Android It will offer support to this type of icons natively.

It is the way of establish a standard in the form of all the icons and thus have a uniform design when placed in the different screens of the mobile desk.

Éstos they may be used in the launcher, shortcuts, device, sharing window and the general view of the app screen settings.

The importance of connectivity in Android or

Three new products are Palm in this category:

  • High quality wireless audio through Sony codec LDAC
  • NAN WiFi connectivity which allows different devices to communicate between if without a central access point
  • Telecom Framework for operators that allows to create your own interface for calls and these same will be manageable through Bluetooth devices such as that you can have in a vehicle

Picture-in-picture to the YouTube

This feature will allow to integrate the floating YouTube video feature to any third-party app. It includes the ability to launch an app or an activity in a remote screen.

Native support for themes

Finally, Android incorporates the themes support after years, in which both the custom ROMs and the manufacturers own layers worth of them for which users they could “dress” your phone as they please.

It must be clarified that these feature may be one of them that they do not see in the final version and it postponed its implementation for what would be Android P.

The settings section completely renewed

One of the things that most likes to do to Google each of the older Android versions, is to “tweak” the interface of the system settings.

Another way of reorganizing all the categories in the settings for optimize the user experience and easier to dive for the large number of parameters that have Android.

Peculiar details of Android or

You can postpone individual notifications for a particular stretch of time. This option will be available when you deslices notification to one side a little.

Another detail to consider is the possibility to automatically fill in the fields on a form to do not waste time in typing. Today it is available, but was rather a “hack”.

We can not forget either the fonts to a full type support, a greater coverage to the color of apps, improvements in WebView and optimizations to the runtime and APIs of Java 8.

Navigation with keyboard

This function is to give support to the keyboard in the Chromebooks in which you can install apps from the Google Play Store. Android or what brings is a best model for navigation keys and tab.

Extra bonus: the official wallpaper of Android or

As in all major upgrades, Google us gives different official wallpapers they have great quality and ample elegance. This time we have one that shows our planet in a simply spectacular view.