The LED Bulb Filament

Finally an LED bulb that looks like two drops of water to our good old incandescent bulb! With the LED bulb filament, you have the energy savings of the LED and the traditional design of the bulb…

The characteristics of the LED light bulb filament.

From a technical point of view, the light bulb filaments are COB (Chip On Board) chips that are mounted in series on a miniature printed circuit in the shape of a small stick. The COB LED are arranged ‘in the vertical” instead of on a circuit plate printed flat (as was the case up to now). A resin covers the filament LED chips.
The LED bulb filament plugs directly on a voltage of 230V without transformer… Certainly thanks to a power which must hide in the nerve to the bulb!

Why choose an LED bulb filament?

You are one of those nostalgic for the bulb incandescent? Don’t worry, the LED bulb filament is designed for you! On the one hand the visual aspect allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of the vintage. On the other hand, its effectiveness and its technology offers you an excellent color rendering and light flawless!

What are the criteria of choice of an LED bulb filament?

Like other LED bulbs, you have several models of LED bulb filament… Here’s what to look for so that the bulb perfectly meets your expectations
-The nerve to the bulb, the LED bulb filament exists in E27 (big Cap screw), E14 (small cap to screw), B22 (to bayonet) for the main.
-The power of the bulb, namely that at best to be rather consult flux (in lumens) instead of the power in watt. For more information about this, you can read our article on conversion of LED bulbs at!
-Color temperature will also be a criterion of choice according to your tastes and usage… If you have a temperature of approximately 3000 °k, it’s warm white which will have a yellow/orange rendering. For 4000 ° K, is a neutral white and for about 6000 ° K, the so-called cold white, it will be in the bluish tones.

In designing the LED bulb filament, lighting manufacturers bring us light of yesteryear with the economies of today ‘ today…