The Groom’s Clothing

Like any ritual, marriage also has its rules and they are not only official but also visual. Even young grooms or bold-minded ones should surrender to tradition. The basic rule is: the groom should be sober but remembering that traditional dressing does not mean taking your clothes off the chest.

The groom’s clothing can be updated in detail in the modeling or complements, but the fashion side should be left for another opportunity. If you choose a balanced outfit, you can even wear it again. Check out the main options below:

Short Fraction:  The short cuff or reception attire is an evolution of the past façades. From the traditional model, he keeps his coat in gray or a dark blend, his striped trousers in a buckle, his vest and plastron, a sort of lace tie, Dandi style, in silver gray over a neatly white shirt.

Advantages:  Can be rented and returned next day.  When buying or ordering, add another pair of pants in the same coat as after the wedding, form a full dark gray suit, wildcard for any time.  Being a classic, it never goes out of style in the photos and you can receive the interference of fashion in the volumes, lapel widths and higher buttoning, which in this case should also have high necklines so that they can appear.  It closely follows the sophisticated style of the bride and always gives a chic touch to those who wear it because it is a different day-to-day dress and special for the date, as well as the wedding dress.  In a modern design, the plastron can be replaced by a tie in silver gray silk and the use of the vest eliminated by models of coat jacket type (pierced).

Disadvantages:  Because it is formal, it only combines sophisticated weddings and even so at night.  Groomsmen should also wear reception attire, ie the same groom’s clothing or dark suits.  The parents of the bride and groom must accompany the suit.  Requires tied-up social shoes, black stockings and shirts with cuff cuffs.

Dark Suits Or Suits:  Dark suits or suits (with same waistcoat) are also recommended for weddings.  Colors such as asphalt gray, navy blue, brown, chalk-and-black pattern are options for the newlyweds. It is important that the modeling of this clothing is social, intertwined and lined. Forget the informality of unstructured jackets or exotic models like sports collars or Mao collar, buttoned to the neck: “different” clothes do not match this formal ceremony, unless the groom is a rock star or only receives people at the party who can understand the proposal.

Advantages:  Can be availed the next day as full suit or loose suit jacket.  It is easy to find social shirt in pale colors and matching ties.  Releases the clothes of the godparents and parents for a less formal choice.  It is easy to buy. Stores always keep updated models in these colors.  Suitable for weddings in the morning, afternoon or evening with less sophistication.

Disadvantages:  It is not always easy to find for rent.  It looks a lot like the godparents in the photos.  Dark colors always photograph as black.

Smoking:  Very common in the United States, the use of tuxedos for grooms has even coherence, after all the bride is dressed strictly (gala) and not with a reception gown (like the groom). Because it is still restricted in Brazil, it is a dangerous option.

Advantages:  Can be rented easily.  The men’s stores always have modern options for tuxedos.  In traditional modeling can be used longer and longer.

Disadvantages:  The tuxedo becomes mandatory also for the godparents and parents and depending on the importance of the party even for the guests.  The look looks weird (especially in the photos) with engaged grooms and tuxedos and guests in formal clothes.  It is usually the type of clothing worn by the waiters serving the party.

  • Do Not Use:  Light suits even in summer.  Dark or printed shirts, themed ties.  Modern clothes, velvet clothes (fat in the photo) or lustrous silk.  Sports shoes (including moccasins).  Shirts with buttoned collars (they are sporty).  Sports belts (the social belts must match the shoe).  Colorful costumes (fall out of fashion).  Different jacket and pants or Blazer.  Red or black ties.  Colored or light socks or shoes.  Clothing with shoulder pads or very wide.  Sleeves or very long length on the jacket.