The Gloves on the Couch

Pardon Vinícius de Moraes, but need to misrepresent your poem. Goalkeepers? Better not be them. But if we are. How to know it? The little grass that dares to sprout under his boots knows it’s almost imperceptible the boundary that separates the poetry of suicide in the life of a goalkeeper. 10 cm to the side and that bridge perfect watercolor in plastically ares bathed by frantic flashes, can transform into a flight towards nothing, which is only interrupted by the sound of the ball whipped by the networks.

And this isn’t even the worst of outcomes. A minimal movement of the arm, trying to catch a thought flies over the area at the wrong time, a temperamental ball movement, any of these conditions can cause a defense Protocol to become a public display, embarrassed, a career under suspicion. Exactly as happened with Alisson, against Ecuador.

At the age of 23 years, Allison is already a monster. Was goalkeeper to spend ten years at Inter, but the diversions take you to Europe, bought by Rome, for while playing at Fiorentina. Part of a certain school of archers who had colorada on Taffarel your milestone. Since the German Claudio, all 1 shirt Calved at Beira-Rio follows your style. Great sense of placement and extreme coldness.

As well as the pupil, Taffarel also had macabre moments: against Gremio, in 1987, and the squad, against Bolivia, in 1993, are the most remembered. But your career was already established. Had assumed ownership of Inter with 19 years and age already owned Alisson a World Cup. Last Sunday, the current keeper of the selection taught at meat how thin is the line between self-confidence and the hiperdocumentado fiasco. Why is goalkeeper, soon his performances earn world repercussion. For better or for worse.

There are two Archetypes of goalkeepers, we already know: the insane and the pragmatists. The killers and the registrars. It was the first representative Alisson category, might have avoided the embarrassment with a headline on the ball. But that’s not your temper: the pursuit of security does not allow fancy moves. Here’s your SIN, which is often a virtue: always maintain composure.

Often, of course, the crowd doesn’t understand the archers of contemplative air. Prefer the crazy, nervous, which sapateiam under the goalposts with bloodshot eyes, always willing to fly to stop a header with a punch, if the ball or distracted ear is indifferent. Stamped by this mark of fury, there are several that went into the story. San Marco, eternal, and Cassius, still in activity, for example. It may be an irregular season, often watching that ball defensible suddenly double twist than in any WaSP that walks on the grass and dying in nets, but your decisions face expands. It’s a scary face and grind your teeth. Are your games, were born to that corner to 48 of the second period, where your character insane fits perfectly.

Maybe that’s why most fans think is interesting that Cassius gremista replace Marcelo Grohe. The current goalkeeper gremista, whose style resembles Alisson, is phlegmatic type, that makes entire seasons, but suggest loud and clear the always vigilant horns, maybe it doesn’t make a difference in those crucial moments, when the OWL sink kid and a diabolical springs from deep grass to appear alone on your front. And Grêmio fans seem willing to trade the harmony by chaos. The comfort by the promise of bliss.

There is no wrong decision. All the alternatives are right, depend only on the conditions of temperature and pressure. The selection was happy with Taffarel and St. mark, Inter have in your wall of large exponents of both gloves Taffarel as Clemer (the modern Manga, call me a heretic), as close as a bergamot of a palette of sheep. Maybe the gremistas realize in the wick of a Grohe track without powder and no titles, look to Cassius and immediately remember Danrlei, so loony under the goalposts as winner in history. What does not prevent Marcelo Grohe out of the Lodge and be (or remain) one of the best goalkeepers in the country. Life under the joists does not respect the logic. Depends on the tides of the Atlantic or the Guaíba, inclination of the small area and of the exact position of the axis of the Earth at any given time and circumstance. It is therefore more complex than comprises our vain philosophy, mere players and ordinary citizens.