The Fashion Label Vecona Vintage

Love strollers,

in the future we will introduce repeatedly labels, stores and events. We start matching with the label that has accompanied from the beginning already to times prior to the first issue, the vintage Flaneur: Vecona vintage.

Please Provide Us Your Fashion Label Before Vecona Vintage!

We are kai and Janet from Wiesbaden and design and produce clothing for men and women in the 1920s 40s up-style.

Most models are based on original cuts, but we will either fit in or material transported into the modern era. We have inserted subtly shaping Panel seams such as the Charleston dress JOLIE JOSEPHINE and at the ladies waistcoat Danny LOLA deepened the snippet. The selection of materials, we follow our heart and use a luxurious faux fur instead of real fur for our shawl SILVERSCREEN STAR.

We pay special attention to the small details of our models. We have developed their own metal buttons, which are marked in a traditional button factory. The Matrosenwesten are embroidered on the collar with delicate letters and embellished with hand tied bows.Our men’s trousers have a shared federal on the back so that they can be easily adapted, if it tasted but even slightly too well. These small features and careful hand work make so special and long portable Vecona vintage pieces.

That the materials have the look of the originals, but are not maintenance-intensive as they did is important to us also. That’s why we opted for high-quality wool and linen blended fabric manufactured in Germany. You have a great case and wash in the machine. A huge advantage if you’re much traveling as we like often wears the pieces in everyday life. In this way, we offer the glamour of yesteryear with the modern conveniences of today.

What Inspired You To Vecona Vintage?

Since 2004 I offer items as contract work under my first label VECONA, who are inspired by numerous genres and eras. As I 2007 have experienced live swing bands and dancers in New York for the first time a new spark jumped over. There at the time still not like here in Wiesbaden, we have us partnered with some people on my return and hired a dance teacher.With the music and dancing the right fashion was not TV. When we finally showed up with our own designed and sewn models on the parties there was great interest and we have taken the plunge with Vecona vintage.

All Just Asked: Why Vintage?

Vintage, so old original attention to give and to revive her, means for us to blow off the dust, and to put it in a modern context. It’s not time yet once just to relive us (what luck!), but to seek out beautiful, elegant, artful, and to integrate these things in our modern lives. We love the comfortable and time-saving achievements of our time, to make a career washing machine and computer, the possibility of a woman, the democracy and the US dropping a bomb on the House! But we love the clothes in old movies and magazines, Art Deco objects and swinging jazz.

A pant flatters many figures more than a hip trousers with a high waist and wide leg, an accented waistline can be more seductive than a formless T-Shirt. All of this is now not a must and that is a good thing! But makes to throw fun in Peel and bring the elegant Lady or Lord in himself and to show. This elegance is what we transmit with Vecona vintage old photos on living people.

Your Musthave For The Women’s World And The Fashionable Men’s?

Every woman should own a good-fitting, plain dress.So, is never she are perplexed at invitations with crumpled forehead before the wardrobe, but can give the look appropriate to the occasion this piece with accessories. The Vecona vintage crepe dress Evitais an example of this. Rhinestone brooch with silver high heels it will fine evening, with Polkadot cloth and one is perfectly drawn Espandrilles to the picnic. A Jack of all trades!

For the Lord, we recommend a well-fitting trousers, for example our gabardine pants Swinging Savoy. She can be styled formally with shirt and vest, with a striped shirt and sailing shoes, it is suitable for summer.

What Would Give Her Love To Our Readers?

See party or summer picnic the 1920s as a costume party, wonderful! We are sure that they will have a lot of fun and a great time.

Want to learn more about the fashion of the time, we look forward all the more! Because vintage has so much more to the offer as glitter and bake cakes. Of course sequin headband wore on the show stage in Berlin in the 1920s with springs and there is also evidence for cherries print sample on apron. But this is only a very small part of the whole. Little blouses, knee-covered skirts, baggy pants, dresses of all kinds, towels, hats, and plenty other accessories together form a harmonious ensemble that can be varied depending on the time of day and occasion. To find abundant original vintage fashion images, for example in the 1920 s, 1930s and 1940s Sourcebook by Charlotte Fiell & Emmanuelle Dirix or here at Assemble your complete outfit or integrate into your modern wardrobe pieces. Compliments are sure!