The Democratic Pea Coat

Today’s tip is a little-known piece, especially among younger men, but it is certainly a great option to the low temperatures of winter will be here soon.

The name is curious, but just knowing your source to understand. Pea Coat, or in translation, Jacket anchor Beak, is a large collar coat, vertical pockets and ten exaggerated buttons, on the front. Some models of current brands rely on even more buttons.

This model of jacket became known in the late 19th century with sailors of dEuropean armies that primavam by the elegance of their uniforms. The name of the coat is due to the shape and size of the collar that resemble a ship’s anchor. Usually made of heavy fabric, are needed to protect soldiers against the wind and temperatures in the high seas.

Tips on how to use:

Despite the formal and classical appearance, your use is democratic. Looks good with slacks, cargo, jeans, and even Bermuda. Can be used with Turtleneck sweaters or with other jackets, leaving the cap off. In some cases it can even take the place of the suit or jacket being used with shirt and tie.Accessories like a scarf and gloves give a touch more in visual in days of more intense cold.

For milder cold days, opt for shorter models and lighter fabrics. There is also the option of Pea Coat-inspired Cardigans, confer a modern look with less expensive winter part and if your personality allow, fits up to wear it with shorts.

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For the feet, loafers, casual shoes and boots are good options to complete your look.