The Clock in the Wall Decoration

More than just a fad.

The human being has always lived obsessed with time. If I have no time for esto, that if I have no time for that, if I need time to finish this task…

It is a day that we not mention it.

Such is the obsession, which since the invention of the clock, it was becoming one of the most ubiquitous objects households, and that is precisely what this post is about.

Until the second half of the 20th century, the clock was the element King in the halls of households (at least the Spaniards). Wall, classical or more modern, well foot well. Kitchens came to become an indispensable assistant to control the time of cooking. Today no longer needed, with both technological advance that makes almost come solo meals.

Nosotr@s want to focus basically on clocks of a foot for the classroom or for that corner with the stately air, although without forgetting the rest of options.

Currently, although the clock function remains it’s time, is gaining the role of decorative furniture above another cause. The Cabinet of the clock has been gaining importance over time, to the point of import more appearance than functionality. No longer are they acquired by the prestige of the brand, but rather by the outward appearance. This denotes more and more the theory which is regarded as a decorative element.

Then we show you some pictures of clocks with more classic lines through this blog.

With the passing of the years and fashions, have been incorporated in accordance with modern decorations most avant-garde lines. It is no wonder the emergence of wall clocks where the lines straight or ornamental, by simple curved lines are changed. This style, we provide a number of images, which enrich different decorative styles under the same lines of a wall clock.