The Best Products for the Hours of Sunshine

The line of terracotta by Guerlain. The cooling tanning spray “Legs of Gazelles”, a foundation with shimmer effect, the Sun serum and the tinted self tanning gel “Terracotta Sunless”.

Protection and beauty lie close together. And so much we long for the Sun, that wait can be long enough to, care about it should not be forgotten also. With these sunny products, however you can enjoy summer to the fullest.

Admitted: this year’s summer is currently still cannot be relied upon. The temperatures vary, always push the stubborn clouds before the warming rays. Who still wants to usher in the most beautiful of all seasons with its skin, a little trick and access to these Sun cosmetics of luxury brands. It presents now advanced terracotta powder not only Guerlain classic. You can brush the last traces of winter from the face also with the Earth Saharan Africa powder by Yves Saint Laurent. A whole line, which makes disappear the winter complexion even without UV rays comes in turn from the House of Dior.

Sun Protected Tired – but Please

The name la more is known for luxurious anti aging products. The French luxury brand into the new Sun care series, which this year was launched just in time for the first rays of the Sun uses the “powers of the sea”. The reparative face Sun care lotion and the reparative body lotion on the one hand for Sun protection, on the other hand to the steady process of skin aging contrary effect. So the new bikini may be: without tanned complexion the elegant swimwear is only half as good based on HOMEAGERLY.COM. On days where the Sun so doesn’t seem sun-worshipers to the face and body can access gradual Tan, which should cause a natural tanning effect.

Bye, bye Winter Complexion

Not everyone can afford an own beach umbrella carrier to protect against UV rays such as the Rapper P. Diddy and not everyone aspires to such a striking appearance. Sun protection from the bottle, for example, by Chanel is far more subtle. UV ESSENTIEL line consisting of three products is intended for daily use and for all skin types, because UV rays are also ubiquitous, if the Sun is not shining. Since a few years the skin surface of demanding Sunbathers of the Sun line of the French brand Welcome Great is protected. So you can also look on Nikki Beach in St. Tropez, Sun goddesses can access to the Guerlain terracotta line. The range range peeling from self tanning gel, about a tanning power out to a Sun-serum, which aims to extend the natural Tan. The cooling tanning spray Legs of Gazelle conjures up TW no endless Gazelle legs, refreshed and relaxed but and gives a delicate summer complexion – no matter how the weather will also play.

You conjure expression and color with These beauty innovations in the face.