The 10 Best Tips To The Wardrobe Of The Pregnant Woman

Hi girls! All right?

Today I’m giving wonderful tips for the gravidinhas who love to dress well. 

In a normal pregnancy is that women feel ugly and can’t find clothes stay good for your new body in constant transformation. For many, this creates great discouragement and low self-esteem. As a workaround, I separated below 10 wonderful tips all that a maternity wardrobe needs to have, so that you can continue gravidinha beautiful and stylish throughout this phase.

In Choosing

To choose what to wear during pregnancy the mother needs to be attentive to some points that help cover the belly and at the same time make it very comfortable. However, remember that it’s not just because you’re pregnant you have to cover the entire body. A pregnant woman can continue sexy depending on how complements your look.

1 – Type Of Fabric

Choose always by natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen and wool) that are comfortable, flexible, resilient, and let the body breathe better.


Cut clothes that generate more amplitude as most dresses, overalls, gowns and loose maxi cardigans are great options that do not hinder the movement and don’t shake.

3-Wide X FAIR

The mix of wide and fair parts is essential to break the sense of “dumpling”.
For this, choose a gown larguinha along with a pair of skinny, for example, or leggings that can be combined with classic shape shirts over 62.


Neck and shows lap, lengthen and therefore give the impression of being more thin. Bet on it! The v-necks are a good option.

In addition, monochromatic looks are also great choices to elongate the silhouette. Try it!

5-Buttons Wide Shut

Remember that the lights of shirts need to be closed without tugging to not pass the impression that open at any time.


You can be saved by the wardrobe of the hubby. The men’s Jeans, for example, usually has the lowest waistband and straighter waist, which better accommodates the belly.

If you prefer, you can change the zipper of his pants by a rubber band or hold a hair elastic button’s House and go around the elastic button instead of the House.

Moreover, wear short dresses as tap and check the tummy with a belt or track the dress is super charming!


It is advisable that the pairs of shoes at this stage, are at least more than usual, since the feet of mothers tend to swell during pregnancy.

The best shoes for this phase are the flats and sneakers, who detailed with stones or when a thin beak, for example, are able to leave the few looks more interesting options.

The shoes combined with more delicate dresses, cause a modern effect and leave the production pretty comfortable.


Never forget the accessories. They bring elegance and can lengthen the silhouette.
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves complement the few pieces of clothing during this period.Just watch the rings because the fingers tend to swell.

9-3rd PART

Both the coat, blazer and the kimono are considered what we call third piece, complementing the look, in addition to being great allies especially in the HomeStretch of the pregnancy, when the pieces are fair.In addition, this list also comes in the vest that is able to give a new look to the basics of every day.

10-In The COLD

To face the cold, the pantyhose is a great option for use with the practical dresses.

If you choose to overlapping parts can always feel more comfortable because it may remove one of them if you feel heat, for example. But don’t overdo it. Put a maximum of two overlapping parts, because more than that will give a feeling of unwanted volume. An example is a lycra dress with a cardigan on top showing on physicscat.

You do not need a radical change of style due to the gestational period. You can use and take advantage of your creativity and have a wardrobe of amazing pregnant. Let the inspirations!

And remember: regardless of the stage of pregnancy, or after it, invest in your well-being and self-esteem: take care of the body, practice physical exercises specific to you, take care of the hair and skin.Style is not just dress well!

And so girls, liked the tips?! Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think. And don’t forget to share with friends, after all, what we share is not it?!