Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing

Sex wearing sexy clothes can be a lot more interesting than it looks. Transparencies, slits, tight pieces, tight shirts and jeans… any piece can be an element of seduction. The way you dress- and also how you dress – says a lot about how you look and what you look for. So explore your sensuality and let your partner go crazy. Try following the tips below to light up the passion!

1. Expect It Supersexy

It’s classic advice, but it always works. Put a pair of well-digested panties in a dark and mysterious tone (black, wine, burgundy, coffee) into a half-cup bra (in the same tone, of course). If you like, add thin socks that go to the thigh, with or without a garter belt. Expect it dressed like this, with dim lighting and sensual music, and see the impact it will bring.

2. Wear Only The Shirt – His

Like in Nineteen and a Half Weeks of Love, take off all your clothes and just cover yourself with a shirt – his. Preferably white, so that his body appears, or rather, is insinuated, translucent by the effect of some light. It may not look sexy to you, but he can barely wait for another round of rampant sex.

3. Go Out With A Provocative Outfit

Tell him you’re going out to dinner. Wear a skirt, short or tight, or tight pants to the body – the intention is to make her attractive and, more than that, suggestive. In the restaurant, touch him under the table while sipping an appetizer and keeping him alert throughout the dinner. When you get out in the car, kiss it like it’s the first time.

4. Learn The Art Of Undressing

Seduce him by taking off his clothes (yours, not his). Do the striptease very slowly, since each movement can cause the high or the low in his enthusiasm. First remove the underside (skirt or pants) with only underwear. Open the blouse without removing it completely, and remove the socks, boots and everything else that is accessory. So, just with the blouse half open, come close to him, seeking approval. When he’s in a bullet point and crazy to hug you, take what’s left of his clothes – or let him pull…

5. Use His Clothes To Seduce Him

Nothing better than blindfold him or tie him to drive him crazy for you. Not knowing what the next step will intensify to the maximum the senses of your beloved. To bandage him, wear his tie. And his shirt can be used to tie the hands of the lucky guy. Not having control of the situation is a fantasy that appeals to men and they desire it from time to time.

6. Get Dressed Until The Last Minute.

Underwear can be very erotic if you keep it in your body for as long as possible. Preliminaries can be even more ardent if you take just a few pieces of clothing and let your loved one caress and still “semi-dress” touch.

7. Do Not Let Him Take His Own Clothes

Do not let your man take off his shirt during sex. When they are close to reaching climax, grab it by the shirt and pull it over you. This mixture of savagery and fury will bring you to the maximum of pleasure. If you want to please him, open your pants fly and have oral sex on it. Keeping just that exposed body part will spark your partner even more than you realize.

8. Do Not Wear Underwear

Invite him to dine at your house and view only the outermost clothing – just a dress on the skin, for example. Being without male underwear will make you feel erotic and powerful. And he, when he finds out … he’ll go crazy.

9. Stroll Sensually – And Alone

This will help her improve her own level of seduction. It can be a sexy sweater, a set of bra and panties that you like or how you wish. The idea is that you wander – in your home – so sexy, attractive and with little clothing. Pretend that your man is at home and how you would face the situation in this context – you sensual, with few clothes … Your self-esteem will improve a lot.

10. Expect It Just From Necktie

An elegant dinner, a drink, candles and romantic music (yes the environment is always important). Next to the table, you, dazzling, wearing only a tie. Remembered the character of Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman? That’s the idea: if she can, why not you?