Tell Me What You Like to do and I’ll Tell You What is Yours

They say that there is no better toy than a box, and I personally think that who said that phrase was all a wise (and good observer), because reason is not lacking. But you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy with a box. Adults also know play – and recycle. So today bring you boxes for everyone. Just to be clear about what you like to do, and voila… you will find which is the box that best suits you.

  1. for lovers of sewing… and order!
    Hold the wires in place is a nightmare, especially when a thread decides to socialize with each other and there is no way to separate them. With this box, you’ll see them first. You only have to cover it, nailing the mouth up to the distance from one another that best suits you and place a new sheet of cardboard on them so that they are fixed in place.
  1. for bloggers who are experimenting with photography…
    You know that making good pictures is essential for your kitchen or craft blog. Do you already have your light box? No? then copy this. Simple and tutorial.
  1. for tireless travelers… 
    All we like to keep tickets of exotic restaurants, opera tickets, tickets of the site where we have been, etc… So don’t go all common SAC which is then difficult to elucidate where every thing was, organize your memories in a box with the name of the country that you visited. You can use either cigar boxes and boxes of paintings. Cover a tremendous color out and paste the name of the country – can do with the technique of the transfer or if you prefer, with stickers.
  1. for artists in power…
    You can be inspired with these dioramas of Kim Welling.Let your imagination fly and cut out everything that you can think of, recreating a history.
  1. for padrazos who want a romantic bedroom for your Princess…
    Get fruit boxes and paint them in different colours. Hang stickers on the wall and enjoy beautiful shelves and with great capacity. See
  1. for born hosts…
    House to those who like to be crowded. If shortage of chairs, a few stools made with crates of fruit will be used. Tie the seat is very easy if you follow these instructions.
  1. to computer geeks who don’t know on which day living…

Nothing better than a calendar table that remember it yourself.

  1. for gardeners who enjoy the jungles
    It gathers a few boxes of different heights. Among them, attach them with glue and for safe place on a base of wood veneer cut tailored to the boxes. Put a few strategically placed leg and have a precious like this planter.
  1. for trotters as followers of very easy
    USA big boxes – if you don’t have it, can you do it with several boxes – spray-painting to avoid unwanted stains
  1. for animal lovers
    Any wooden box – the size will depend on your dog or cat – will be perfect to give you a beautiful bed. Paint it to your liking, take a table in the front so that it comfortably, placed a soft mattress and the two will be delighted with the result.

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