Telescope I: Travel Luggage, Backpacks, Bags and Wheeled Bags

Grabs you once again the wanderlust after a trip to far distant regions of this earth. The pleasure deep in the forests and landscapes of distant countries to lose and for days only on themselves, unfiltered experience the wonders of nature? Or is it just the different ways of life and the need to explore new cultures, their traditions and habits, what pulls in the distance? It was long-distance travel as a trip in the greater outdoors or explore of remote cultural sites do require more preparation than a short excursion to the local nature and landscape park. Travelling requires a first more familiar with the target region in tropical regions of the South, or the far East. Travel and safety information for the selected destination should be observed in addition to vaccinations against the local increasingly occurring pathogens. In addition to the details of your travel agencies, it is advisable to also observe the safety instructions of the Foreign Ministry.

Below we are in four successive blog posts from which coped with different requirements of remote travel! This contribution deals with the question of the appropriate luggage for trips, vacations, and long-haul travel! The subsequent issues are closer go on travel safety, mosquito protection and hygiene .

The formal requirements, as requested by Visa, caught up with safety instructions and the required vaccinations are done, missing only the right equipment, to feel comfortable in the distance. In our range of outdoor sports, online and in our 26 McTREK stores you will find an extensive range of useful travel items and equipment that help immensely improve the passenger comfort.

  1. trekking:
    Appropriate baggage is essential if you want to start out well equipped in the holiday. The choice of baggage but not seldom divide the spirits. Depending on the type of trip, different “containers” are recommended. Want to learn from place to place on foot and with different means of transport, the distance in their small local details, then travel and trekking backpacks are recommended. In monthlong tour large 60 liter + trekking backpacks are very popular. Trekking backpacks have a special design and are equipped with modern carrier systems, which ensure an optimal distribution of the carrying weight on Schlutern, hips and back. They serve including chest and waist straps which can quickly, closely to the body, secure the backpack. So to avoid one-sided strain and high weights can be easily transported over long distances. Since every gram counts weight just on trekking tours, modern backpacking from modern, extremely lightweight and robust functional materials are made.

Lowe Alpine travel Trekker APS 70

An extremely rugged and solidly crafted case backpack with the harness from the trekking series. The APS system is a solid basis: as with a backpack, is based on two aluminium Rails and has moulded, padded T-shirt straps. If it is not required, it disappears under the integrated cover. The quite narrow for a suitcase backpack cut gives the poor freedom of movement. The travel Trekker shoulder straps are padded. A front access allows quick access to the content.

  • Torso fit® APS® 5 back system
  • integrated rain cover
  • Dimensions (Hxwxd): 72 x 30 x 28 cm

Jack Wolfskin stratosphere 60 women’s backpack
The new, sleek backpack STRATOSPHERE is a special light-weight: only extremely lightweight materials used in the production, while the equipment was reduced to the essentials. The stuff sack is classically divided into main and base compartments. In the side pockets everything comes at what should be within easy reach, such as water bottle, maps or sunscreen. The tried and tested harness X-TRANSITION optimally distributes the weight of the checked baggage on shoulders and hips, and leaving much freedom of movement.

  • adjustable chest strap with signal whistle
  • Dimensions (Hxwxd): 65 x 33/27 x 20 cm

You are interested in technically advanced trekking backpacks, prepared in the coming holiday of backpack to started, then we recommend a look sports backpack assortment in our McTREK outdoor! Trekking backpacks usually have a larger capacity than hiking backpacks. While trekking backpacks starting with a volume of approx. 45 litres, hiking backpacks usually maximum have a capacity of 45 liters. Plan a long trekking holiday, where it may lack nothing, then we recommend backpacks with a large capacity. Short trips and day trips, you are likely to be interested in hiking backpacks with less than 45 litres!

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  1. hiking, day trips and hiking tours:
    For weekend getaways in nature, 1 day tours or mehrtäigige hut tours, especially hiking backpacks are a comfortable Companion. Hiking backpacks also have special carrier systems, which ensure a perfect distribution of weight to be transported. Equipped with many bags, hiking bags can be organize quickly and easily open. Tools, walking sticks and other items can be easily attached and accompanied by additional brackets. Unlike trekking backpacks, wall er backpacks have a reduced capacity. Also missing the high structure, which is customary for trekking models. Less weight and more freedom of movement allow also detour off of hiking trails Cross through the undergrowth. Due to the reduced volume and the reduced size can be also easily there hiking backpacks, where trekking backpacks rather inconvenient Act due to its bulky design!

VAUDE Sella hiking backpack 28 l
The VAUDE Sella is a more attractive and roomy backpack with three pockets and a top pocket. It is suitable with a 28 liter capacity perfect for walks and offers to store the packed lunch room. The proven Aeroflex network carrying system enables a good fit and comfort. Device holder, chest strap, Hüftgurtband and drinking system output are more beautiful details of the Sella. The shoulder straps are adjustable. The Aeroflex system has been improved significantly.

  • Hip belt and sternum strap
  • Drinking system output
  • Aeroflex carrying system

In our outdoor sports online range of we have a selection of functional hiking backpacks known manufacturers in the outdoor industry for you test put together.

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  1. labour, business and research trips:
    A long journey are often undertaken not only to the pleasure for the sake. Labor, business and research travel trolley roller case, making the choice to safely transport notebooks, documents, and business papers are recommended. The special advantage of trolleys is that you have pull-out telescopic handle and intregrierte roles, which enable the professional transport of even very heavy luggage. Through integrated handles trolleys can be worn, should require flights of stairs or other obstacles, even temporarily as case. Thus, modern wheeled bags combine the advantages of conventional bags and suitcases and extend these roles function allows you comfortable transport even heaviest weights!

Eagle Creek ramble 28
The trolley for truly large claims. The ramble of Eagle Creek provides with its 90 litres capacity incredible space. Here, everything is on that you want on the next trip. Even small accessories such as sunglasses or slippers, which may remain at home on any trip, are quick at hand to hand and not disappear into the depths of this trolley. Lightweight luggage with comfort and still plenty of storage space: as of now, the trip is no longer booked without the ramble!

  • double pull-out telescopic handle with grip
  • Offroad wheels
  • Dimensions (Hxwxd): 73 x 36 x 30cm

Wheeled bags and bags with roll system ideal to your notebook including books, research papers and or to transport business papers. Through innovative Organizer systems and internal compartments, you can clearly separated the individual documents of the other travel baggage. However, it remains to be noted that additional ballast is generated by the integrated roller suspension and telescopic handles.

If the modern roller bags and wheeled bags not quite hung and you would rather want to draw you on classic proven cases and bags, McTREK outdoor sports also the right pocket or suitcase model ready for you!

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In the next blog, we have views over travel safety issues and you useful accessories and travel articles from our McTREK outdoor introduce sports online assortment, which quickly and without much effort on your telescope secure your valuables and your luggage is!