Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on its own smartwatch like other large manufacturers. Of course, the title of the article is more of a joke, at least the second part of it, but the implementation of Windows on a clock is very interesting. Microsoft is currently struggling to implement their own ideas so they can be fun to the user when they need to use them. Continue reading “Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch”

Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany

So, friends of the sun, you can unsubscribe your Smartwatch from Pebble for the time being and make friends with the idea, at least via the official shop, no device to get to Germany. For months there have been problems with the import, so some orders hang at the customs. It was true that only a few weeks ago we had the feeling that the problems were solved because of missing documents, wrong serial numbers, etc., but the story is now in a completely different direction. Continue reading “Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany”

Does Samsung Develop A Sports Strap As An Accessory For The Galaxy S4?

According to Korean mediaSamsung will expand its range of optional accessories with the new Galaxy S4, including a device for measuring the pulse, the blood glucose and so on. Sounds a little off-the-wall, but it is not really so unrealistic. For the rumors should be true, it should not be directly medical accessories, but about a sports bracelet, as it is more and more fashionable and now also offered by sports brands such as Nike. That would fit the last year’s strategy, which was launched with the Galaxy S3, namely “designed for humans”. So it would even be a logical conclusion to expand this slogan further, this year with just attractive accessories for customers of all kinds. As with the suspected Smartwatch the sports strap should communicate via cable or wirelessly with the Galaxy S4, for which Samsung either brings a partner such as Runtastic in the boat or develops its own software. Continue reading “Does Samsung Develop A Sports Strap As An Accessory For The Galaxy S4?”

Pre-SIHH 2017: Two New Watches From Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin presented two new models at the International show of the high watch Geneva – SIHH – 2017: the ‘Great fire’ and the pinup Hourstriker Classico factory. Watch maker already in advance gives a first look at the two watches. The models are both under warranty for 5 years. All those who register their watch on the website of the Swiss manufacturer within a period of one year from the date of purchase will benefit. We appreciate it! Continue reading “Pre-SIHH 2017: Two New Watches From Ulysse Nardin”