Purses and Wallets 2016:Trends, Men’s Rates

Purses and wallets 2016: trends, men’s rates, learn the latest news about these accessories that are quite practical and important in our daily lives.

In addition to helping to transport safely, fundamental items for use in daily routine, their purses and wallets can also contribute to complement the book, leaving the look more attractive.

Available in different versions, models and materials to manufacture, these male accessories are great and indispensable for all profiles of men, and can be used in various occasions. Continue reading “Purses and Wallets 2016:Trends, Men’s Rates”

How to Choose Portfolio

Indispensable companion of man, the portfolio crawls everywhere: in our jeans pockets, in our bags, forgotten somewhere in the car, he follows us constantly in our daily lives. Almost considered a self-expansion, the portfolio includes its secrets: ID cards, photos of the better half, money (sometimes…) cards to pay. When it makes the soul, there is always a small mourning to do. That is why we must ask the right questions when it comes time to procure a new one. If we want it to last us several years -or a lifetime-one must go through several steps before making our final choices.

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Prada Wallet As a Gift

The Prada wallet is suitable for the small luxury for Christmas as a gift. The legendary Prada accessories naturally complement the look of discerning ladies and gentlemen, but they are also a way to enjoy luxury for those who can not afford complete Prada outfits and Prada bags.The Prada accessories enchant the everyday with a special flair. Continue reading “Prada Wallet As a Gift”