15 Creative Ideas To Replace The Traditional Flower Pot

Flowers are synonymous with joy and combine very creatively. So you can take advantage of imagination in time to create a vase for the arrangement. Customized bottles and the lining of an old umbrella, for example, are more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives and fun. Check out some solutions for the flower pot and get inspired!

Reuse is the Buzzword these days. So, grab the cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato sauce that went to waste and turn it into a small decorative vases. They can be painted with plastic paint or encapadas with fabric and hot glue.

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Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House

Forget the Swan carved in watermelon or melon bear. Let the Beautiful Cookbook Gil to there. No, it has nothing to do with detox or Carmen Miranda. We like the fruit is in the decoration!

In addition to vibrant colors, fruits are excellent patterns that can be applied in various corners of the House or in any environment, since the intent is to give a retro guy or fun. Objects in formats of fruit came with everything in pop culture. Remember the pinapple jar Dona Nenê, in “the grid”? This jar is disputed the tapas by prospectors of thrift store. Continue reading “Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House”

Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall

Remains of an old wallpaper showcase turned a cheerful panel in the Garimpo Fuxique store and gave a special coloring to the scene. “I wanted to recycle the leftovers from the catalog and set up a different panel,” says Ana Strumpf, owner of the store and creator of the vibrant blend. One afternoon, she chose the pieces, composed the pictures and filled the 12-square-meter wall.  Continue reading “Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall”

The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text

Biegert & Funk have devised a new type of time display with the QLOCKTWO which not just as a clock is to recognize, but rather remembered a picture with modern typography in the first moment. Continue reading “The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text”

Advantages Of Vinyl Interior

Recent increases in demand in the wall vinyl, are due to that these are gaining popularity quickly, both for the decoration of the home, such as a new form of art on the wall of the business.Its simplicity, versatility, and affordability are factors which, obviously, contribute to this trend in decoration. Continue reading “Advantages Of Vinyl Interior”

7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home

each day comes into more homes and is not surprising, who doesn’t want a welcoming House, living, warm and homelike? The philosophy #slowlife advocating living life more slowly, enjoying every little moment and savoring the small everyday pleasures. Continue reading “7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home”

Wall Stickers as Charming Decor

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Boys love wild designs and strong colors. Special racing cars, fire trucks and the monkey gang is always at the top of their wish lists. In the range you will also find wall stickers with pirates, dinosaurer or the African jungle.

Let your children be a part of the process when the room should be decorated. It’s fun! The wall stickers are easy to hang up, and perfect for children because they come just as easily back down, and leaves no marks or sticky.

You will find everything you need to create a charming decor-your kids will love the look of wall stickers on http://bridgat.com/shop/wall-stickers/!

Plants and Flowers Wall Stickers

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Decorations with flowers, leaves and trees have always been incredibly popular because they bring nature close by. Plants symbolize life, freshness and warmth. Now instead of real plants to be watered, you can use the incredible wall stickers! The plants will, in addition, of merchant ability or fitness, never fade!

Wall stickers with flowers and trees fit into many different kinds of devices, and are easy to hang up and take off again. They leave no marks. Get creative and decorate on all smooth surfaces such as bathroom floors, windows and mirrors. With “do-it-yourself” plants, you can adjust the leaves and colors after own taste.

The site offers a great variety that brings life and color on the walls and around the home.