The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text

Biegert & Funk have devised a new type of time display with the QLOCKTWO which not just as a clock is to recognize, but rather remembered a picture with modern typography in the first moment. Continue reading “The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text”

Modern Wall Clocks

Times change but the need of time continues and it has even been increased in recent years, where has become impossible not to attend to this form of modern organization. With changing times, have come new watches adapted to new needs, with different features and fully renovated designs, which come to form part of the fashions and modern decorative ideas.

There is a wide variety of wall clocks, more functional, fun and innovative, although appear modern and innovative models that continue conserving and respecting the classic, simple style and vintage on the market. Continue reading “Modern Wall Clocks”

Hanging Clock on Concrete Wall

We have already mentioned this type of hanging clock called “baker clock” on our website at the comment from the sale Sotheby’s Paris on 16 February 2013, which had an attributed to Guimard. The arrival on the art market in 2013 of new clocks and some research give us the opportunity to better understand these objects. The observation of best eleven attributed to Guimard who came to our knowledge allows to divide them into two categories, depending on their size: larger models in metal housing and small earthenware housing models.

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Wall Clocks for Bedroom: Ideas and Tips

Between school, homework, gym, meetings with friends … even our little ones are always fullest of commitments, and they also feel the need to stay current on the schedules and the various phases of the day. In short, the wall clock is indispensable even in the bedroom.

In many different shapes, made of different materials, the important thing is that the children’s rooms are brightly colored watches, or be able to bring happiness, joy and fun, in the realm of children and adolescents.

An essential feature of the room for watches is that they are provided with rotation mechanisms absolutely silent hands, so as not to disturb moments of relaxation and especially the night rest of the children.

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Wall Clocks for Bedroom Suggestions

Even in the bedrooms modern play a decorative role of great importance showy clocks. Once it was enough an alarm clock, lying on the nightstand next to the bed, because the landlord could keep an eye on the time and organize the various stages of the day.

In these modern minimalist solutions, almost imperceptible from the aesthetic point of view, no longer work, and give way to more showy solutions.

Two are the privileged positions of the modern wall clocks with roman numerals in the bedroom: or on the wall overlooking the bed, replacing the framework depicting religious subjects, typical of the classical tradition; or on a wall opposite the bed, so you can keep up to date timetable even lying down.

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Home is Where the Heart is Clock

Buying clock room may seem like child’s play, but sometimes there are more cons than pros, if you think about it a little and decide exactly what you need. For starters, you should consider what type you need and for what. It is clear that the time to watch it, but still – you want to see at night if you are running late or want to stand out amid everything else during the day. Be part of the interior and fits successfully in the vision of the room. So to speak to be in the same style.

The two main types are:

Wall clock – here the choice is not poor, but somewhat limited opportunities because wall clocks not offer much of a few big hands and nothing more (read more). However, many people love these clocks because they are quite large, time seen it away, and somehow used to look at every way to the wall and seeing hours.

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Tips for Choosing the Colors for the Walls

One of the most important decisions when starting to decorate or renovate a home is the color of the walls, an election that will influence the style and the rest of the details (furniture, paintings, textiles…).
Thus, currently, neutral, white, colors and raw are the most popular, because they offer advantages as a greater feeling of spaciousness, the Environment Unit, greater opportunities to combine and a great luminosity. Therefore, they are a valid key for broader both stays small.

However, we can also choose to give prominence to the walls through color. And how to decide which is the best option? In addition to following our taste and instinct, we can be guided by what is known as a psychology of colors, which assigns to each color a feeling, a feeling, a stimulus…

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