How to Choose Umbrella

It should not be forgotten that the terrace is one stay, so you have to take care of your style just as we take care of the living room or the bedroom, both if we have decided to give a uniform for the entire House as if we want to create a particular atmosphere for this outside corner. My proposal is the second of them, because it is a space that lends itself to become a place for the rest and relaxation next to the enjoyment of the outdoors, whether its large or small. So today we’re going to go over how to pick one of the most important elements that will make us to be comfortable where our terrace has enough space without receipt of the Sun: the sunshade. Here you have 5 items that look: Continue reading “How to Choose Umbrella”

Umbrella Brand Design 2016

Umbrella is an excellent and appropriate thing in bad weather. But the old times when this accessory is boring, insignificant and unknown place and served only one function – protection from rain. Modern branded umbrellas – this is not just a manifestation of style and elegance, but also an expression of the inexhaustible imagination of designers. 

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