Women’s White Tennis Shoes, Beautiful and Necessary

Walking well shoes is everyone’s wish, but to enhance the style the women’s white sneaker is the ideal shoe color that a lot of people enjoy, and so it can be found in varied models especially to please the female audience that is even more demanding. Continue reading “Women’s White Tennis Shoes, Beautiful and Necessary”

Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality

With so many changes happening in fashion, women’s Nike colored sneakers is no longer a novelty, because the youth of our days excels by the beauty differentiated, and something that in the past could be considered grimace, today is well accepted by the dictates of modern fashion. Continue reading “Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality”

A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel

Who accompanied my journey to New York by @mourajo or by Snapchat Instagram noticed something in common during the 9 days that we stayed there. An element that remained steady and strong in all the looks that I used and posted: a pair of white sneakers. Continue reading “A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel”

Slip-on Shoes: How To Use The Sets

There was a time when the shoe was seen with a certain fear in order to support a visual inelegant.

Overcome myths on fashion and more room for diversity in dress, celebrating even the casual, comfort has never been so in vogue.

The street style had already embraced the attitude of fashion for some time and perpetuated in the street looks. That’s what the consumer wants: comfort and style!

Continue reading “Slip-on Shoes: How To Use The Sets”