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Morena Rosa collection Summer 2014-News, trends, tips and Pictures

Today the Not1 Blog will talk about the latest collection of Morena Rosa Released, the 2014 Summer, check out news for the station, what are the trends and models and pictures to inspire you. See: Continue reading “Morena Rosa Collection Summer”

Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.

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Check Reasons Why Women Are Afraid to Face the Bikini

Research Shows That 40% Of Them Avoid The Piece Because They Are Overweight

It seems contradictory, but it is proven in research: women are uninhibited when taking off their clothes for the partner, but feel absolutely uncomfortable when dressing the most used costume of the station.The problem is not being overweight. It is also not to assume the fat in intimacy with the partner. It’s really difficult to face the bikini. Continue reading “Check Reasons Why Women Are Afraid to Face the Bikini”

How to Increase Volume When I’m In AaSwim Suit

Do you want to learn how to increase the volume when you are in a swimming trunks? We can help you! If you do not see the time for your vacations to arrive so that you can enjoy your days of rest on a beach ,swimming pool or even on a yacht, we will give you essential tips to make you feel confident and beautiful in your trunks. Some men end up with a certain fear of the “shrinkage” that the water causes in their genitals, if you feel it when you are in the water, forget once and for all this problem with our tips! Continue reading “How to Increase Volume When I’m In AaSwim Suit”

Slippers: Which Shoes Are the Best on the Beach?

Some time ago the slippers were often boring. All models were equal and had not much to do with shoe fashion.
At the present time, the slippers are an important accessory on the beach. Appealing designs, various materials and all possible patterns and colors make these slippers to the eye-catcher. Continue reading “Slippers: Which Shoes Are the Best on the Beach?”

Types of Swimwear That You Should Not Use

Holiday and summer is time for beach and pool, so choose a nice bathing suit is essential so you don’t get ugly in the photo, it’s okay to be chubby and jockeys and not be very white and much less be too skinny. Just stay tuned for cool models and adapt to your body.

But of course we’re not going to let you look bad on the beach and will tell you the models of swimwear that you should not use.

Speedo white

No “I’m moreno and white trunks will enhance my Tan …”. No, man. White trunks is dangerous, most often lack the required reinforcement and the thong is transparent. And always looks a bit that you’re in your underwear. Avoid. Continue reading “Types of Swimwear That You Should Not Use”

Marks and Spencer Swimwear Discount

No need to look far to find of the swimwear trends for summer 2012. The brand Marks and Spencer offers beautiful swimwear neon and flowery on sale at -20% and-30%. And if you enjoy these small discounts for having a swimsuit for summer? Get help from our selection balance swimsuit summer 2012 to find the swimsuit summer 2012 you need !

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Spring Summer 2016 Swimwear

Spring officially started day 21 September 2016 and it officially opened the season of heat in the country, as the two station almost get confused in terms of high temperatures and Sun generous.

The catwalks, some news for the swimwear, especially the bikinis. As usual, not lost, everything is transformed, and some models of the past come back this season.

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Where to Find Plus Size Swimwear

Every woman has her own classical standard size size 42 or 44 offers free choice which becomes more difficult if the BRA Cup oversteps the measure “C”. From size 46 “D” Cup up and becomes a problem, in fact it is only perceived as a problem. Are the designers and walkways that they do perceive it as a problem. The past few years a woman with plus size was forced to resign to narrow your choice of swimsuit or only dark colors like black as it is well-known Slims your figure. Not anymore and choose costumes from sea for plus sizes or also called “plus-size” is getting easier and the choice is really wide.

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Where To Find Swimwear Plus Size?

The holiday departures began this weekend. Maybe so you thought your own holiday and therefore the swimsuit that will accompany you on the beaches. We know how it is difficult to find the swimsuit ideal and even more so when we do a large. We therefore compared 2 brands: La Redoute and the 3 Suisses. You can find swimwear big prizes through the 3rd Markdown summer 2012 sales!

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