Urban Messages, Vivid Colors That We Proposed Essence for Autumn

A couple of weeks ago I showed Natventurista, one of the proposals of Essence for fall, in neutral and autumnal colors. Although I liked Natventurista, I missed to see the touch of colour, which comes from the hand of the sister collection Urban Messages. Continue reading “Urban Messages, Vivid Colors That We Proposed Essence for Autumn”

Watch the World’s 25 Classics – Swatch

In the seventies hit quartzkrisen to with full force. The Swiss watch industry was about to go under before a driven entrepreneur took the plunge and it created that saved virtually the entire industry; Swatch. Continue reading “Watch the World’s 25 Classics – Swatch”

Swatch Sistem51 – Mechanical Watch Multifaceted

The Swatch Sistem51 is a watch for everyone – with respect to the design and especially the price. At least for some of us, the interest in watches began in the 1990s by a Swatch. And even if we might today have more expensive watches, there is no reason not to come back to Swatch, especially since the arrival of the Sistem51 on the market. This timepiece to the unusual design, rich colors, celebrated his debut in 2013. He won prizes and over the years many versions of the model have expanded his choice.

Continue reading “Swatch Sistem51 – Mechanical Watch Multifaceted”