We Tested a Few Self-Adhesive Essence Nail Polish

Often Essence Lance & #8220;self-adhesive Nail Polish“ with its different collections and although always caught my attention, as an easy way to decorate fingernails with beautiful figures, in the background I feared that the result were excessively recharged. Continue reading “We Tested a Few Self-Adhesive Essence Nail Polish”

Dior Velvet Eyes, Do You Dare with These Stickers?

The eyeliners are an part of the makeup criticism. Yes, and it is that once I’ve painted my eyes carefully applying clear shade by all over the eyelid and over a slightly darker creating an effect gradient, I apply the eyeliner and will be everything to nothing. And is that if you don’t have mana, steady hand and experience, this product can be converted in your worst enemy. Continue reading “Dior Velvet Eyes, Do You Dare with These Stickers?”

Vintage Style Home Decoration

White walls and dark floors serve as the backdrop for old posters and furniture in 1950 in the home of a fashion journalist

Fashion posters vintage on the white walls and carefully selected furniture to the charm of the town house of Hywel Davies, author and fashion journalist. The spaces are both balanced and functional decoration while bringing style to this house with terrace. ” I chose white walls and dark floors to showcase the furniture and accessories that give the house its personality ,” he says. Hywel bought this house two years ago and immediately began its redevelopment tearing the wallpaper and flooring, installing a new kitchen and shooting down some walls. Finished work, he could bring his personal touch and create bright rooms that are ideal for its trendy style.

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