Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.

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Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality

With so many changes happening in fashion, women’s Nike colored sneakers is no longer a novelty, because the youth of our days excels by the beauty differentiated, and something that in the past could be considered grimace, today is well accepted by the dictates of modern fashion. Continue reading “Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality”

How to Combine Sneakers

There were times when you were wearing sneakers for gymnastics. Or for jogging or soccer games-in any case in combination with sports clothes.  Outside of gyms and gyms the treads were frowned upon. This has now changed, thanks to the triumph of the Sportswear. A blessing for all those who like to have their feet comfortably-and technically no reason to strike their hands over their heads. Because the current sneakers, whether in white or in striking colors, can be combined incredibly versatile. To the short skirt, to the wide trousers, to jeans or to the evening dress-be inspired! Continue reading “How to Combine Sneakers”

A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel

Who accompanied my journey to New York by @mourajo or by Snapchat Instagram noticed something in common during the 9 days that we stayed there. An element that remained steady and strong in all the looks that I used and posted: a pair of white sneakers. Continue reading “A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel”

Boots And Sailing Shoes Off The Road

It is not only about optics and compliance with dress codes. Boots and sneakers have mainly functional requirements. Depending on the circumstances, the practicable properties can even be life-preserving details. In the normal case, of course, only the comfort is affected and smaller safety aspects are followed with professional shoes-but at least.

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Slip-on Shoes: How To Use The Sets

There was a time when the shoe was seen with a certain fear in order to support a visual inelegant.

Overcome myths on fashion and more room for diversity in dress, celebrating even the casual, comfort has never been so in vogue.

The street style had already embraced the attitude of fashion for some time and perpetuated in the street looks. That’s what the consumer wants: comfort and style!

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Timeless Or Trendy: These 12 Accessories Give the Casual Look PEP

Bring even your spring wardrobe into shape? You know: when the first warm rays of sunshine break through the cloud grey, I have an urge to expose my wardrobe of an inventory : what casual basics can I wear this season yet? And what contemporary I could add fashion trends around my outfits new PEP to give? Continue reading “Timeless Or Trendy: These 12 Accessories Give the Casual Look PEP”

Diamond Pattern Sweater


Fashion is constantly changing, yet it is always the same. Apiece of clothing that never goes out of style is certainly the sweater. There are now on the market many types, shapes, colors and materials. One of the most common sweaters and used is undoubtedly a diamond pattern. Usually they are made of wool or yarn still hot and fit the wardrobe both male and female. However it is not always easy to be able to combine this head in the right way. In this guide, then we will see how.

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Jeans for All Body Types

Now fashion jeans pipes are truly one of the most versatile models jeans. They are suitable for any figure, using a properly selected accessories and outerwear with these jeans you can create all sorts of images: both everyday and more elegant, festive. And what is most important, jeans pipes are always in trend because they already can say classic, so beyond fashion, but because filling your wardrobe this model, you can be sure you will always look at them modern and spectacular. Let a little more detailed look at all the advantages of stylish jeans pipes, and of that which they are best to wear to images received really bright and interesting.

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