Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on its own smartwatch like other large manufacturers. Of course, the title of the article is more of a joke, at least the second part of it, but the implementation of Windows on a clock is very interesting. Microsoft is currently struggling to implement their own ideas so they can be fun to the user when they need to use them. Continue reading “Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch”

Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany

So, friends of the sun, you can unsubscribe your Smartwatch from Pebble for the time being and make friends with the idea, at least via the official shop, no device to get to Germany. For months there have been problems with the import, so some orders hang at the customs. It was true that only a few weeks ago we had the feeling that the problems were solved because of missing documents, wrong serial numbers, etc., but the story is now in a completely different direction. Continue reading “Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany”

LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter

For months or even years has been talked about the flexible displays, which Samsung is currently developing. To date, no device has appeared and the neighbors from South Korea LG could possibly be taken to Samsung now. They have now talked openly about their plans for the fourth quarter. And so it should already be at the end of the year so far that LG a flexible smartphone or at least a smartphone with a flexible display to the start. Continue reading “LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter”

Ambiq Micro boasts of hyper-efficient chips for smart watches

A US chip maker called Ambiq Micro has been working on consumer chips for five years and can be integrated into devices that are now becoming very fashionable-wearables and, in particular, smart clocks. Continue reading “Ambiq Micro boasts of hyper-efficient chips for smart watches”

Answer Iphone Calls On An Android Wear? Yes, It Is Possible

We recently realized that it was possible to connect an Android Wear smart watch to a non-Android device, where a programmer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, was able to get notifications received on his iPhone transmitted to his Android smartphone clock, which in this case It was a Moto 360.

Continue reading “Answer Iphone Calls On An Android Wear? Yes, It Is Possible”

Ulefone Uwear Smart Watch

Starting to make sense to use the wrist something a little more sophisticated than a simple display of hours, called clock. If on the one hand is a bold investment, considering for example the Huawei Watch or the Apple Watch, on the other hand the features that need a smart watch can be in range from less than $50.

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