Sleeping Bag Tips for Condensation

Happy campers wake up warm and dry in the morning. But these pleasant conditions are difficult to find when your sleeping bag is coated in condensation. She can surprise even experienced campers that condensation is likely to come from their own bodies and is wicking through the bag during the night. Follow these strategies to reduce or eliminate condensation in your sleeping bag. Continue reading “Sleeping Bag Tips for Condensation”

A Jacket That Turns Sleeping Bag To Help Street Dwellers

Homeless people are perhaps the saddest consequence of striking social inequality, even in richer countries. In Detroit alone, more than 18,000 people are homeless – a social circumstance gets more complicated during the cold winter months. To address the issue, design student  Veronika Scott has  developed a clever multifunctional piece:  Element S (urvival). The Product is an inexpensive, high insulated winter jacket that quickly and easily turns into a sleeping bag. Continue reading “A Jacket That Turns Sleeping Bag To Help Street Dwellers”

Sleeping Bag Care

It is very important to protect your sleeping bag. With our tips, you can keep your sleeping bag in optimal conditions during many seasons camping.

During the camping trip:

Keep your sleeping bag clean and dry. Accumulated oils from the body, the sweat and dirt can be removed to your sleeping bag its insulating power. Tips:

Continue reading “Sleeping Bag Care”

How to Choose the Right Size Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is an essential equipment during your camping. Indeed, it is very important to sleep well to retrieve the efforts made in the day and be fit for the coming year. It is therefore essential to choose it. We propose to help you in this puzzle.

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