5 Best Lights of Night for Kids and Girls

A children’s night light is one of the best products that you can buy to make the night of our children much more pleasant, as well as to help us sleep better and walking more easily in the dark when we go to the nursery to change diapers or simply to see if they sleep well.

5 Best and Most Decorative Lamps for Kids

There are many brands and types of children’s lamps, some more complex than others, or more economical and modern. This variety makes it difficult that we can decide for which purchase, therefore, here leave you 5 of the best options that are available in the market. Continue reading “5 Best Lights of Night for Kids and Girls”

Hippo Dodo Nuit Etoilé

While I was pregnant, we had to find a gift for the baptism of the son of our friends. With my darling, so we walked the shelves for children (that we didn’t know yet) and we immediately flashed on the little Hippo. The Hippo Dodo has joined the many toys of this little boy (yes I say it’s a toy because is not only a night light, but also a stuffed animal!).

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Pabobo Barbapapa Night Light

If you follow me for a while, you know that at home, we’re fans ofthe pilot Stop Crying . One that reproduces intrauterine sounds for toddlers and babies offers several musical lullabies to the greatest. In addition to the musical function, we, it is used as a conventional burner. With its little blue light, it never made any black in my room and I love it…

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