Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate

Delicate, Filigree And Yet An Eye-Catcher: In The Spring, Filigree Jewelry Adorns Our Ears, Hands And Arms. The Motto: The More Unusual The Better.

We keep us loud Statement necklaces for the summer. Now, tender pieces of jewellery are booming. They also make a statement. The special feature of the trend: It gives a new twist classic pieces of jewelry. Rings are now worn over the middle finger bone, earrings not only on the earlobe, but along the entire ear, bracelets use elbows and bracelets as a natural “stopper”. Continue reading “Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate”

Original Fashion Necklaces

They original fashion necklaces are an accessory that we all want in order to be able to highlight, take a nice complement of fashion that is different to what lead the others.

Get take an original fashion necklace is not an easy task and if we consider that many just shopping at the same store. Trades as well known whose products of fashion, accessories and accessories are quite similar and that having an access easier since they are located in almost all cities is much higher the probability of dress just like the others.

Continue reading “Original Fashion Necklaces”

Women’s Plus Size Spring Outfit

“Pretty woman, walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kid I like to meet. Pretty woman…”

On behalf of Bon Prix with the motto “plus-size OOTD – pretty woman” I go a spring look that radiates good humor and feel beautiful and feminine a woman today on the search the power outfit -! What does one than it first if you are looking for a key piece that perfectly highlights the feminine? Yes, we women access mostly to a feminine dress that ideally accompanied the own silhouette. Continue reading “Women’s Plus Size Spring Outfit”