Shirt: Story Of A Great Classic. From White To Tartan, The Style Of A Must Have

One head, endless style interpretations. As often happens in life, even in fashion there are some pieces that are taken for granted. Are those basic from which we can compose any kind of look. We are so used to seeing them in our wardrobe that do not appreciate until the value at the bottom. An example? The shirt, which has its roots in centuries and centuries of fashion and generations and different looks.

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Must Have Items Fall 2015

Women snow, here are the must have items of the autumn winter 2015-2016: fashion for the mountain does not forget the quilts, doesn’t make you give up the jeans and loves the furs out of each garment, from hat to shoes. Here are the essential pieces to be comfortable, warm but always glamorous even in the mountains.

Mountain holidays are approaching and the fashion shows the trends in terms of women snow, as you well know celebrities. Practical clothing for skiing or snowboarding, but also glamour notes for walks, dinners and special evenings: the trends fashion autumn winter 2015-2016 for women snow present their must-haves. Continue reading “Must Have Items Fall 2015”

Makeup Forever Red Lipstick

The red lipstick: the cosmetic that should never be lacking in the cosmetic bag of a woman!

There is no woman can resist the charm of red lipstick always been a symbol of seduction and pure femininity also loved by the great film icons and all we put it at least once to feel sexier and make our makeup more intriguing.

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Is Leopard Print Still in Style 2015

The Leo-look is not new. In fact, he appeared from time to time on the fashion. This fall and winter, it is again applicable. The leopard print is totally hip with the designers for the winter season 2015/2016.

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Best Jeans for Winter

Jeans are so universal part of any wardrobe is that they can be worn at any time of the year and even in almost every event, be it a walk in the park or club party. But if for summer are most suitable light, thin jeans, then winter, of course, it is preferable to choose an isolated models. For example, a great choice would womens jeans with nachesom. Visually, they will look just as ordinary and tight jeans, but they are much warmer, so your nozhkam in these pants will not be terribly cold wind or a light frost. Ultimately, a winter jacket with jeans-it is unique simply must have something because it looks stylish and still not freeze-just perfect blend.

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