Kate Moss Created a Collection of Bars of Lips for Rimmel London

If you ask why relacionáis insconcientemente cosmetics brand Rimmel London and Kate Moss the answer is easy: 10 years ago that the model is the image of Rimmel London. This year Kate Moss it will represent also as creator of the collection of lipsticks Kate. Continue reading “Kate Moss Created a Collection of Bars of Lips for Rimmel London”

Beauty Mistakes that Men Hate

All women care about the appearance, especially at the time of the conquest.

After all, who doesn’t want to be beautiful to meet the crush?

So, to please the suitor is worth all the makeup, perfume, Nail Polish color, among other tricks. Continue reading “Beauty Mistakes that Men Hate”

Lipstick Mouth Color: Black, Skin, Brunette, White, Pink

The lipstick mouth known also as color lipstick nude is very successful among women especially those who want to use a style make more natural leaving clearly visible all traces that nature gave them. Continue reading “Lipstick Mouth Color: Black, Skin, Brunette, White, Pink”

Makeup Forever Red Lipstick

The red lipstick: the cosmetic that should never be lacking in the cosmetic bag of a woman!

There is no woman can resist the charm of red lipstick always been a symbol of seduction and pure femininity also loved by the great film icons and all we put it at least once to feel sexier and make our makeup more intriguing.

Continue reading “Makeup Forever Red Lipstick”