Boxer Briefs and Thongs

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Aboard a theme that it is more of curiosity than preference. Polls indicate that this underwear model is a favorite among men and women. But you know how it came about?

Men’s underwear was already used by the Egyptians for 7000 years. In the 30 she won new designs, which replaced the traditional shorts.

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Lingerie Tips for Surprise on Mother’s Day!

Every woman loves a good lingerie, no matter what stage of life it is! With mother’s day approaching, the lingeries are a great gift option. After all, there are options for all tastes and pockets. Continue reading “Lingerie Tips for Surprise on Mother’s Day!”

Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries

The Divas Plus Autumn / Winter lingerie collection has come with everything for you to stay fashionable with the latest trends of this season. Hold on, for this winter will be hot! Continue reading “Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries”

Brassieres on Display

Looks with apparent Lingerie are high: in Rock in Rio the famous showed their Bras, they want to see?

Who loves lingerie is happy with the new wave of the moment: can leave your underwear on display! If before all were anxious to hide straps and lace details can now forget that fear. Bras, handles the Strappy Bra. Body of income, all of this is to appear and the looks of the famous won’t let us lie! Continue reading “Brassieres on Display”

Thong-Why Use?

You still have fear of wearing thong for you think you won’t get comfort? Break this paradigm.

The thong is used by some women in intimate and romantic moments because men like (and) and women love to seduce them. On the other hand, there are women who refuse to wear this kind of panties and have those that only use dental floss simply by the fact of love.   Continue reading “Thong-Why Use?”

Baby Doll-A Delight to Sleep!

Baby Doll and Doll Shorts are great for your autumn!

Neither hot nor cold-like sleeping comfortable this fall is starting? Baby Doll and Short Doll are a beautiful option, super feminine and, if you want you can also be sexy. If you like to schedule a relaxing morning on a weekend, when you can stay home and rest, read a good book, and the climate is mild and pleasant, well this could be a great suggestion: Continue reading “Baby Doll-A Delight to Sleep!”

How to Choose Lingerie According to Body Type

Each woman has characteristics that make it unique. Just look at any group of women to know that none is equal. With so many differences in measurements and body formats, choose a piece of clothing, for example, is not always an easy task. Imagine Choosing lingerie. It is much more complicated, doesn’t it? Continue reading “How to Choose Lingerie According to Body Type”

Is Harmful To Sleep With A Bra?

The question of the use of the BRA has always been somewhat controversial. Is beneficial or harmful? The point is that around 80% of women use it. However, the real doubt arises when thinking whether it is suitable or not use it while we sleep. Continue reading “Is Harmful To Sleep With A Bra?”