Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp

Wi-Fi on the ceiling: this is not science fiction, but should become a reality this year. Under laboratory conditions at the Fraunhofer Institute the data transmission via LED lamps is already excellent, with mega-fast transfer rates of up to 800mbits/s. Continue reading “Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp”

Outdoor Lighting – New Lamp

Many outdoor lights are from the HQL ban affected and must or LED system be converted to either an HQI. Of course, not the question which system makes the most sense is for us. Continue reading “Outdoor Lighting – New Lamp”

LED – Decorations for Christmas

When Christmas gets closer, you can see all possible ideas of decoration shops. The LED decoration is the most typical Christmas decoration that can be found on the streets. This will people in the sense of bring that Christmas is coming soon. Continue reading “LED – Decorations for Christmas”

Energy Saving Regulations

We often report here in the blog about the small but often forgotten savings in the household. In addition to intelligent heating control, standby consumption and LEDs, there is also a completely different field, in which energy savings and energy efficiency should be considered: The large but often underestimated heating topic. The heating is responsible for about 70% of the domestic energyconsumption and thus offers a lot of potential for savings.

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Living Green and Saving Energy

Climate protection-I’ll join you! Following this principle, the climate protectionists are trying to make as many people as possible to change their minds. This goal is to be achieved through targeted information work, user-oriented information reproduction and media engagement in the area of ​​environmental and climate protection. As the marketing and social media manager of the campaign, Katharina Kavermann is supporting this project by the climate protectionists. A guest article.

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Meet The Water Cooled Lantern Much Stronger Than Car Headlight

There are household items that we always have the hand in the house: matchbox, screwdriver and even flashlight, an accessory that always comes in handy when the light is over or you need to find some lost object behind the sofa. Continue reading “Meet The Water Cooled Lantern Much Stronger Than Car Headlight”

Energy Saving Tips for a Household

We at Grünspar are convinced that there is still a lot of potential in every household to cut energy consumption. If you want to use this potential, you have a big impact both on the environment and on your own purse. Therefore, we would like to give tips on energy saving, which significantly reduce energy consumption and are easy to implement. Here we look at the areas of electricity, heating and water and expect to see what you can save.

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Horticulture LED Grow Lights

The horticultural LED, it grows.

LED is revolutionizing every day a little more the middle of lighting: more power for less consumption and production more and more low prices. You have always wanted to be able to push the ‘Mint’ home but the existing light sources were too greedy… once more, LED fly to your rescue. LED, as lighting solution, is needed in all sectors and all uses. Therefore, it is not surprising to find her in horticulture. These LEDS are called horticultural LED.

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LED Lights for Pool

Light up the basin and around your pool is a matter of aesthetics, and security! Back on the LED spots for pool: aesthetic, ecological and safe lighting.

What is a LED spot for pool?

The LED projector has an LED bulb, placed in what is called a niche of protection. The LED spotlight is directly composed of light-emitting diodes that operate at the passage of an electric current.

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