15 Creative Ideas To Replace The Traditional Flower Pot

Flowers are synonymous with joy and combine very creatively. So you can take advantage of imagination in time to create a vase for the arrangement. Customized bottles and the lining of an old umbrella, for example, are more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives and fun. Check out some solutions for the flower pot and get inspired!

Reuse is the Buzzword these days. So, grab the cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato sauce that went to waste and turn it into a small decorative vases. They can be painted with plastic paint or encapadas with fabric and hot glue.

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Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House

Forget the Swan carved in watermelon or melon bear. Let the Beautiful Cookbook Gil to there. No, it has nothing to do with detox or Carmen Miranda. We like the fruit is in the decoration!

In addition to vibrant colors, fruits are excellent patterns that can be applied in various corners of the House or in any environment, since the intent is to give a retro guy or fun. Objects in formats of fruit came with everything in pop culture. Remember the pinapple jar Dona Nenê, in “the grid”? This jar is disputed the tapas by prospectors of thrift store. Continue reading “Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House”

Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp

Wi-Fi on the ceiling: this is not science fiction, but should become a reality this year. Under laboratory conditions at the Fraunhofer Institute the data transmission via LED lamps is already excellent, with mega-fast transfer rates of up to 800mbits/s. Continue reading “Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp”

Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall

Remains of an old wallpaper showcase turned a cheerful panel in the Garimpo Fuxique store and gave a special coloring to the scene. “I wanted to recycle the leftovers from the catalog and set up a different panel,” says Ana Strumpf, owner of the store and creator of the vibrant blend. One afternoon, she chose the pieces, composed the pictures and filled the 12-square-meter wall.  Continue reading “Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall”

Blue in the Bathroom

Blue inspires you? You are told why a blue bathroom is ideal to experience this feeling of well being and serenity…

Referring to the natural elements, the blue is a color that is particularly suited to the bathroom. Depending on its intensity, this colour suggests multiple sensations: the dynamism, the freshness, purity and good being,… But beware, point too does. A bathroom to the total look blue can be oppressive. So it’s best to opt for touches of blue, which, combined with

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7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home

each day comes into more homes and is not surprising, who doesn’t want a welcoming House, living, warm and homelike? The philosophy #slowlife advocating living life more slowly, enjoying every little moment and savoring the small everyday pleasures. Continue reading “7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home”

7 Ideas To Decorate A House With Little Money

Are you going to become independent? Do you have a low budget for your new home? Do not worry, in this post we tell you the keys and ideas to decorate a house with little money and finally get the house of your dreams. Continue reading “7 Ideas To Decorate A House With Little Money”

How to Clean the Garden Furniture

Days, literally, three to make official the summer through the door, but all of us already weeks doing life, or at least spending some hours, in summer plan. We have terrace or garden at home know the enormous luck that this supposed to enjoy this time of the year… but also know the work represented give the proper care and maintenance all parts of furniture and decoration that are part of our outdoor patio. Continue reading “How to Clean the Garden Furniture”

Cheap American Flag Home Decor

American flag so often and so interesting to use in interior design that has become a true decorative element. Today for you – the American flag as a way to decorate the interior.

American flag in general very decorative – red and white stripe plus a blue field with stars – it is beautiful, bright and dynamic, hence the popularity of this design. The American flag is used not only in its original bright red, white and blue version, but also, in the dim. See what turned a wonderful color palette in this interior and how well it fit the American flag on the pillow.

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