Purses and Wallets 2016:Trends, Men’s Rates

Purses and wallets 2016: trends, men’s rates, learn the latest news about these accessories that are quite practical and important in our daily lives.

In addition to helping to transport safely, fundamental items for use in daily routine, their purses and wallets can also contribute to complement the book, leaving the look more attractive.

Available in different versions, models and materials to manufacture, these male accessories are great and indispensable for all profiles of men, and can be used in various occasions. Continue reading “Purses and Wallets 2016:Trends, Men’s Rates”

Victor Hugo 2012 Portfolios

Victor Hugo is a proven brand in Brazil and in the world, for all of its products are of high quality, elegance, in addition to having a lot of style. These adjectives are the reasons that lead many women to purchase accessories that mark so recognized. Not to mention that all your customers are extremely satisfied with the product.

The first store in our country was opened in 1975, and could not have picked a better place to start, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. However, only in 1980 that brought your glamour line to São Paulo, your first store opening in Sao Paulo on Rua Oscar Freire. Continue reading “Victor Hugo 2012 Portfolios”

Must Have Messenger Bag

Messenger bags, here are the must-have spring summer 2016, those that cannot fail to complete your outfit for day and evening. Lots of new items and many special features this year, starting with shapes and colors: here are the trendy shoulder bags for the summer 2016.

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Models of Louis Vuitton Handbags

The dream of consumption of any woman is certainly one of the most beautiful Louis Vuitton bags, as well as being a spacious pocket and have favorable characteristics and that women love, is a bag that practically a trend that does not go out of style, but breathe fashion into all your new model releases. Continue reading “Models of Louis Vuitton Handbags”

I Need A New Large Leather Bag! But I Can’t Find Any

Woman can Yes not enough have pockets. Bags like shoppt wife (eventually eliminates frustration-“fits non-sits not too small to closely stories”). A woman needs a bag. Men is not, apparently the stuff keys, cell phone and wallet in his pants or jacket itself, but women have more: makeup, mini deodorant, small hand cream, hat, PIN, block, etc. I like to drag around the half furniture with me. Continue reading “I Need A New Large Leather Bag! But I Can’t Find Any”

Messenger Bags: Trendy Shoulder Bags Conquer the Pocket World

Time on the needs of courier driving produced and came out stable and durable bags are the wind, and defy weather, to the products to be transported from A to B safely were originally called Messenger bags or even shoulder bags. But it was of course as is often only a matter of time until also the trendsetters and fashion designers have discovered this practical items for themselves and have ensured that from purely functional work utensils also fashion trend bags were that now exist in the different versions. Continue reading “Messenger Bags: Trendy Shoulder Bags Conquer the Pocket World”

How to Clean Leather Handbags

A leather pouch is a stylish and timeless piece which reaches the pass from mother to daughter and daughter to granddaughter. However, over time the leather can lose your beauty, getting spleen or dirty. You can’t clean this kind of material with any product and to learn how to clean leather handbags we have prepared this article to our site. Continue reading to learn.

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