Dvelas Living Sails Furniture

Sailing enthusiasts call! Now you have not only the spring and the first releases prospect boat so rejoice, but also the possibility of beautiful objects that surround you will not if you do not direct your thoughts to your favorite sport. Although the sails have a certain horizon life beyond which they wear out and must be replaced, in fact, their tissue-as you well know – is particularly resistant, and after retirement may find a worthy place as a raw material for fashion and design objects. Continue reading “Dvelas Living Sails Furniture”

The Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend

The Best Friend Is A Very Special Person-And That’s Why It Deserves Also Something Very Special. We Have Great Gift Ideas For You!

Find Always A Suitable Gift For Your Best Friend

Hardly anyone takes a such important place in your life, like your best friend. Usually you know you in and out. Yet it breaks itself year after year the head about how you can put a smile on the face this special man. Continue reading “The Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend”

Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas

The garden has never been as eco-friendly. Evidence to support thanks to the meeting, in images, with Laurence Vittet at Art land.

Major trends of 2011 at the heart of the garden, recycled materials are invited everywhere and in all forms. As part of the Gardens Garden event which was held in may in Paris, we met the Art Earth team, agency of ecodesigners who are plenty of creativity to connect the garden to ecology, sustainable development and the eco. Continue reading “Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas”

How to Clean the Garden Furniture

Days, literally, three to make official the summer through the door, but all of us already weeks doing life, or at least spending some hours, in summer plan. We have terrace or garden at home know the enormous luck that this supposed to enjoy this time of the year… but also know the work represented give the proper care and maintenance all parts of furniture and decoration that are part of our outdoor patio. Continue reading “How to Clean the Garden Furniture”

Luxury In The Bedrooms: Designer Linens

Many people yourself some relaxation and luxury in addition to the usual daily routine, as soon as the front door behind one is closed.Especially in a room like the bedroom keep up to several hours each day, and most use the bed to sleep, but also enjoy a book or a good movie. When setting up, it is important that is paid also to the corresponding details and results in a uniform image in the rooms.

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4 Tricks To Decorate The Dining Room Wisely

Today we return with the section (decorative tips) and we do it with a few tricks for the dining area, the meeting place where family and friends gather around the table to enjoy pleasant moments.

For this reason it is important to devote time to the decor and that is something to detail, careful, with warm lighting and a table with style and versatile. Today I leave with 4 tips that will help you to rightly decorate the main dining area of your House. Takes good note of these tips.

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Vintage Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The Kitchen vintage Recycling ‘is a kitchen on the charm Surrans which aims to give new life to old furniture for a result deco charming tradition and modernity…

We recognize a vintage kitchen recycling spirit by its components. Outside stainless steel, marble, home appliance pro, the hood design and orderly dining table. The kitchen vintage recycling craft prefer untreated wood, natural materials, a dining area with mismatched chairs, antique decorative items, art of the table vintage, retro flooring (cement tiles, floor tiles) and appliance design which contrast with the overall style for Recycling’, but chic.

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