15 Creative Ideas To Replace The Traditional Flower Pot

Flowers are synonymous with joy and combine very creatively. So you can take advantage of imagination in time to create a vase for the arrangement. Customized bottles and the lining of an old umbrella, for example, are more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives and fun. Check out some solutions for the flower pot and get inspired!

Reuse is the Buzzword these days. So, grab the cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato sauce that went to waste and turn it into a small decorative vases. They can be painted with plastic paint or encapadas with fabric and hot glue.

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Recyclable Wedding Favors: 6 Ideas To Inspire You

In times where sustainability is a watchword, worrying about detail in this matter for your marriage is also a way of spreading the idea.

There are many ways to be sustainable with both civil and religious marriage parties and you can work them in varied and incredible ways. Below are 6 amazing tips for recyclable wedding favors that you can give out to your most loved friends and relatives at your party. Continue reading “Recyclable Wedding Favors: 6 Ideas To Inspire You”

Bedding Fabric Types

The bedspread covers our bed in so-called “half-seasons.” It is a question of complement that marks the delicate transition from one season: from summer to autumn, from winter to spring.

From the point of view of the quality of the raw material the ideal bedspread is what protects us from the cold weather without appesantirci overnight.

From the aesthetic point of view the bedspread most suitable to our room is what enhances the overall style.

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Spidi Motorcycle Jacket Review

The Spidi and jackets to practice motorcycle

Spidi jacket “Combat Evo 2” to face the urban jungle!

Just a few years Spidi marketed urban jacket Combat Evo, an alternative to the highly technical “Moto Combat”.
Spidi returns with an evolution of the “Combat Evo” somewhat remodeled but the same qualities of its predecessor such as the thermo welded bands external sealing of the vest.Besides using Teflon addition to the main fabric in 3 layers already in use, it is a new lighter fixed lining that this new team Combat Evo 2 more mild winter detachable lining. It is also equipped with a multitech protection kit (shoulders, elbows) in addition to the location to back protector (optional).

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How to Choose Underwear

Strongly arched beautiful dresses and pretty necklines. The holding underwear are now so powerful that they sculpt the silhouette and eliminate small curves.

But how to choose clothing that miracle? Here are my tips.

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2015 Spring Fashion Trends and Colors

Attention all fashionistas and those who want to be there! Spring is coming and with it a bunch of new trends, expand your fashion horizon. Whether colors, patterns and cuts, also in 2015 we expect a potpourri of very different fashion themes that will delight you.

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Denim Jeans Trends 2015

This year, the jeans will not be noticeable. The crazier and individual Denim comes, the better. The current trend here includes all sections and models. Whether printed, extremely worn, embroidered or with sparkling stones and studs, the more outrageous and original is the jeans, the higher is its trend potential. Are you ready for CRAZY JEANS 2015?

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