How to Knit Blanket with Arms

What should not be missing on the sofa? Right, a cozy blanket. The best knitting pattern is there with us.

Strricken, without needles? What sounds so hard to imagine, is not so difficult with the proper technique. ‘Arm knitting’ is called the technology, which requires no needles and for that you need nothing other than your arms. With the arm knitting technique, you can knit especially coarsely meshed pieces such as cuddly blankets, stoles and scarves. Our guide we show you, we knit her a blanket for your sofa.

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How to Knit Teddy


  1. The great knitting special in the TINA
  2. Material:
  3. Knitting pattern for sweet Teddy

The great knitting special in the TINA

This sweet Strickteddy children look forward to Christmas and birthday. Just follow these knitting pattern.


  • Schachenmayr SMC Aventica, 100 g in Orion ColorFb 00080
  • Needles of Mailward No. 4-4.5
  • 1 needle
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Remnants of black yarn

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Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer

Using a wooden board old we can create this beautiful Organizer for your desk or room with small details and notes, it will be you cool and trendy because things made hand are the perfect way to decorate and exceed more than to its economic value. Continue reading “Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer”

Recycle Your Old Sweaters

With winter gear cabinet you have been found to have many things you no longer use? Do not throw them and follow our guidelines to recycle creatively old sweaters giving them a new life!

Who said that a sweater should remain just that? Setting in motion the imagination and giving vent to your creativity you can recycle in a creative way all those clothing items that are now gone out of fashion or you do not like anymore.

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How To Make Shorts With Pants (Recycle Your Jeans Easily!)

How to make shorts with pants is something that a lot of girls want to know, as a common situation is the have several old jeans that makes one centuries that don’t use, but that gives us penalty shoot as well as I. So, why not turn them into a couple of Flirty shorts?

This garment is essential in summer, but admittedly, not always we find that better fit us in stores or are of the style that we would like to.

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How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Crop Top (Step By Step)

Wonder how transform a t-shirt in a crop top, has become very common nowadays, this type of clothing is fashionable. The above all summer, the crop tops are very versatile, comfortable and easy to combine with all kinds of jeans, skirts or shorts. Continue reading “How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Crop Top (Step By Step)”

DIY Plus Size Shirts

Want to recycle your shirt large old fashioned in it unavoidable? And if it was ultimately simple and cheap as long to do it yourself. Do not panic, it is not necessary to be a great seamstress for it. Here are our tips to achieve in a few minutes.

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