Dior Velvet Eyes, Do You Dare with These Stickers?

The eyeliners are an part of the makeup criticism. Yes, and it is that once I’ve painted my eyes carefully applying clear shade by all over the eyelid and over a slightly darker creating an effect gradient, I apply the eyeliner and will be everything to nothing. And is that if you don’t have mana, steady hand and experience, this product can be converted in your worst enemy. Continue reading “Dior Velvet Eyes, Do You Dare with These Stickers?”

Blu-Ray Makeup: High Definition Reach Our Faces

High definition not only reach our televisions, also will make it to our faces. Major cosmetic houses working in what now is called “Makeup 2.0” with products ranging from the new collection ‘blu_ray’ of Charge until the new serum of Dior “High Definition Serum Foundation” containing photochromic pigments. These new collections will be mainly intended for use in the faces that come out on the big screen, since the arrival of new technologies Gets a higher definition TVs requiring greater control of the brightness and the textures of the face by makeup artists. And it is that with so much definition you can fall us a myth down! Continue reading “Blu-Ray Makeup: High Definition Reach Our Faces”

Apogee of Romantic Makeup

The romantic look is setting trends on the spring walkways of Parisian homes like Chanel and Elie Saab, and gradually expands with its cadence of meringues and pastels to all the latitudes of the globe. After you have tasted the fluorescent colors, the blues, the turquoises, and the red lipsticks, how about surrendering to complete the candid harmony of soft tones, pinks and pastels? We will tell you which colors, shapes and combinations stand out in the new wave of romanticism. Continue reading “Apogee of Romantic Makeup”

Nail Polish for Short Nails

You know choose the glazes are best suited for short nails? Here are the most beautiful colors and the newest and most manicure with nail polish trends that go well with a look to short nails like Cara Delevingne.

The short nails for some women, more than a fad, a necessity! Bring nails short and well groomed, wearing the enamel suitable for always being fashionable and trendy, is therefore essential. Continue reading “Nail Polish for Short Nails”