Blu-Ray Makeup: High Definition Reach Our Faces

High definition not only reach our televisions, also will make it to our faces. Major cosmetic houses working in what now is called “Makeup 2.0” with products ranging from the new collection ‘blu_ray’ of Charge until the new serum of Dior “High Definition Serum Foundation” containing photochromic pigments. These new collections will be mainly intended for use in the faces that come out on the big screen, since the arrival of new technologies Gets a higher definition TVs requiring greater control of the brightness and the textures of the face by makeup artists. And it is that with so much definition you can fall us a myth down! Continue reading “Blu-Ray Makeup: High Definition Reach Our Faces”

Makeup Tips for Who Uses Glasses

For those who wear glasses it is not always easy to create a harmony between them and makeup.

Contrary to what you may think, make-up does not have to be exaggerated to stand out from the glasses. The trick is to be able to highlight the eyes without exaggerating and weighing in the make-up. Continue reading “Makeup Tips for Who Uses Glasses”

Makeup by Ivete Sangalo – How to, Step by Step, Photos

Photos and how you can do step by step a makeup of Ivete Sangalo

The most famous singer in Brazil is very successful with her makeup and her body, Ivete Sangalo makeup is very elegant and chic because many women or even their fans do their makeup of Ivete Sangalo to make them look more elegant and beautiful, here you will learn the step by step how to do the makeup of Ivete Sangalo, being one of the most requested by all women because besides being very beautiful she is very delicate and chic women love makeup so, the makeup of Ivete Sangalo is one of the most appreciated by all ages. Continue reading “Makeup by Ivete Sangalo – How to, Step by Step, Photos”

Beauty Mistakes that Men Hate

All women care about the appearance, especially at the time of the conquest.

After all, who doesn’t want to be beautiful to meet the crush?

So, to please the suitor is worth all the makeup, perfume, Nail Polish color, among other tricks. Continue reading “Beauty Mistakes that Men Hate”