Shirt: Story Of A Great Classic. From White To Tartan, The Style Of A Must Have

One head, endless style interpretations. As often happens in life, even in fashion there are some pieces that are taken for granted. Are those basic from which we can compose any kind of look. We are so used to seeing them in our wardrobe that do not appreciate until the value at the bottom. An example? The shirt, which has its roots in centuries and centuries of fashion and generations and different looks.

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Vintage Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The Kitchen vintage Recycling ‘is a kitchen on the charm Surrans which aims to give new life to old furniture for a result deco charming tradition and modernity…

We recognize a vintage kitchen recycling spirit by its components. Outside stainless steel, marble, home appliance pro, the hood design and orderly dining table. The kitchen vintage recycling craft prefer untreated wood, natural materials, a dining area with mismatched chairs, antique decorative items, art of the table vintage, retro flooring (cement tiles, floor tiles) and appliance design which contrast with the overall style for Recycling’, but chic.

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High Waisted Jeans Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend Rediscovered-The High Waist Jeans!
Whether in the 60s or the 80s, is actually the high-waisted jeans not new. Even the style icons Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot sat her feminine charms with high waist jeans in scene. Here convinced the waist high trousers especially in women with a classic hourglass figure.

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What to Wear with Blue Jeans

The classic blue jeans invents itself again and again. This year the color is off. Here, the range extends to the different shades of yellow and orange, on pink and red to royal blue and Petrol. Those who prefer pastels, can choose between Rosé, Mint and light blue.

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Is Leopard Print Still in Style 2015

The Leo-look is not new. In fact, he appeared from time to time on the fashion. This fall and winter, it is again applicable. The leopard print is totally hip with the designers for the winter season 2015/2016.

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