Scientists Are Asking Women To Stop Wearing A Bra Immediately You Need To Know The Reasons

Use or no bra? The use of the BRA has advantages, such as: -Support the breasts-Add volume-Model However, some scientists argue the non use of this play. Continue reading “Scientists Are Asking Women To Stop Wearing A Bra Immediately You Need To Know The Reasons”

Congressman Proposes Banning The BRA In Brazil: We Are Returning The Inquisition

Bill that prohibits the use and marketing of BRA on the Brazil must be voted until November of the current year and changing habits of women. Continue reading “Congressman Proposes Banning The BRA In Brazil: We Are Returning The Inquisition”

Is Harmful To Sleep With A Bra?

The question of the use of the BRA has always been somewhat controversial. Is beneficial or harmful? The point is that around 80% of women use it. However, the real doubt arises when thinking whether it is suitable or not use it while we sleep. Continue reading “Is Harmful To Sleep With A Bra?”

Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Review

As a woman, run with a bra that keeps to the maximum my chest is simply a must. It is true, since “the running boom”, brands are well developed in the field and especially in Bra! And if today it seems simple to buy this accessory to our practice, we are not always conquered! I myself have tested many brands, which I liked less satisfied or. But recently I have acquired and tested a brand sports bra… Victoria’s Secret! Approved to 300%.

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How to Know If Your Breasts are Growing

hen it comes to underwear, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. Size, shape, color, all is not and we do not benefit us. How to know whether the underwear that you wear too small? Pain, discomfort, rendering unsightly? It is likely that the model does not suit you. Learn to choose to put your cleavage.

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How to Care for Your Breasts

Hi girls!

Today I come back to tell you about … tettons, hehe! In this post I will discuss with you all the latest offerings in terms of products and precautions to be taken related to the care and well-being of the breast! Although, in fact, I know that this topic is a very fertile ground for regarding the birth and spread of products-hoax, the market began to be more honest products, rather than to promise to grow within a week of two sizes relate to improving factors such as’ elasticity and firmness of her skin.

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How to Choose Underwear

Strongly arched beautiful dresses and pretty necklines. The holding underwear are now so powerful that they sculpt the silhouette and eliminate small curves.

But how to choose clothing that miracle? Here are my tips.

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