Cheap Shade Palettes – Where to Buy?

Learn Where to Buy Cheap Eyeshadow Palettes

The Cheap Shadow Palettes are great for you to make your makeup.And do not think that because they are cheap they are bad, it has nothing to do, you have great products, especially because many are imported and there is always cheaper without losing quality.Know that it’s the Brazilian brands that usually charge more for this part, and that’s why we have to know what to buy and where to buy.You can check where you find to buy, even though it has no secret, but there are always places that are more important than others. Continue reading “Cheap Shade Palettes – Where to Buy?”

Tips for Healthy Nail Growth

For a lot of people have the beautiful nails is extremely difficult. The nails are made of keratin (hard), as in animals’ hooves and horns. The nails help protect your fingers and do some basic things of life, such as scratching, clawing, for example. Nail care is very important! Continue reading “Tips for Healthy Nail Growth”

Top 6 Beauty Products Present in the Parades of the SPFW

Every day we are bombarded with news in the field of beauty, isn’t it?

Is super hard to choose one among so many items that appear constantly in the market, but a way to stay on top of those that promise to be the must-have of next season is getting an eye on arsenal of experts responsible for beauty in parades. Continue reading “Top 6 Beauty Products Present in the Parades of the SPFW”

Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer

Using a wooden board old we can create this beautiful Organizer for your desk or room with small details and notes, it will be you cool and trendy because things made hand are the perfect way to decorate and exceed more than to its economic value. Continue reading “Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer”

Makeup, Hairstyles and Fashion of the 60s

The sixties were the Decade probably turbulent social, political and cultural 20th century.

in 1961, in Berlin, the wall built and therefore the Division of Germany finally sealed. The confrontation between East and West had escalated in the Vietnam war, which was a catalyst for global student unrest. Young people discovered in the 50s as consumers had become rebellious twenty-some things off.

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How to Choose the Right Foundation for You

You found the ideal make-up? If not, continue reading to find out how each Fund is made solid and which requirement meets, in order to find the perfect one for you!

Echo some characteristics of each type of product, because you can choose so correct!
The Foundation is his cover translucent liquid designed to hide minor skin problems without weighing it down. Is a product enriched with moisturizers and sun protection factors, what helps the skin stay healthy. This type of makeup you won’t even on the skin and is ideal if you can’t stand to hear the skin blanket, as if I had a mask.

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How To Make The Eyebrow Grow Faster?

To make the eyebrow grow faster, unfortunately you can not use magic. Faults that bother you so much can come from many factors, such as stress, pore clogging from  makeup, pollution and dirt. And, as an outlet, we end up appealing for more makeup to fill the eyebrows – which can, depending on the products you use, worsen the problem, as the components accumulate in the hair follicles, preventing growth and Strengthening the wire.

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Makeup by Day, Mistakes to Avoid

How to get a good trick from day? And, what are the mistakes to avoid to do disaster with your make-up? Here’s a quick guide.

The trick, of course, is a miracle which, hardly, we women (and others) we could do without.

Last generation cosmetics, however, allow you to have more and more personalized and surprising results, both on make-up by day, and by night. Continue reading “Makeup by Day, Mistakes to Avoid”

Beauty Products Essential for Winter

The cold has arrived and this season requires some special care due to wind and low temperatures. The main care we should take is with the skin, which can be highly impaired by lack of basic care. Thinking about it, I’m passionate about cosmetics, I’ve listed for you the seven products that I love most for caring people in the fall and winter. Let’s go to the list!

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Perfume and Fragrances the Interesting Facts

Did you know that without fail to choose a perfume is better not to try more than four fragrances at a time? A number greater risk is to tilt your olfactory receptors. Discover many other fragrant curiosity …

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