Tables from Modern Design

The coffee tables as well as being excellent supports for books, magazines, remote control, tray with coffee cups … are complements covering Significant positions, inside the chamber, and therefore must be particularly refined and cared for in their aesthetic component.

Set next to the couch, or the center of the room, perhaps lying on a giant carpet, the coffee tables are complements that by yourself, or with little else, manage to outline a corner, a corner, an area of the room, where you can devote to specific activities.

These activities may fall into two broad categories: or personal relaxation or opening and sharing with the rest of the family. See Christmas decorating ideas for table on

Usually, if the table has to mainly accompany relaxing activities, such as enjoying the television lounging on the couch or lying down reading your favorite book, its ideal location is next to the sofa to keep on hand all useful items.

If the table is the main support on which to lay food and drink to share with the rest of the family, obviously it can not be placed in a sheltered corner, rather occupy the central part of the hall.

This dominance of aesthetic design is even more significant because, in all likelihood the table will be the first supplement on which will rest the demanding gaze of the landlord and the curious visitor on duty.

When the coffee table occupies such a prominent position in the case of relying on the Modern Design currents to detect maximally original accessories and a great aesthetic impact.

One of these additions is the glass table with Design Drop Vida XL.

It is a complement characterized by a round surface in transparent glass (with a diameter of 42 cm and a thickness of 8 mm) and a glass fiber foot, glossy white paint, drop-shaped.

Around the table reaches a height of 55 cm. For this highly appealing design would be a shame to obscure the complement in a corner of the living room.

Its ideal location is confirmed at the center of the room, with the intention of giving maximum splendor and modernity to it.

Trendy design features another proposal Vida XL: the crescent-shaped table, adjustable form.

It is a coffee table made of MDF white, with stainless steel legs and an absolutely original form.

Conceived as a crescent, whose top may slip with respect to the lower area, creating a dynamism and an absolutely impressive curves game.

Furthermore, when the lower surface slip, being provided with high edges, turns into a capacious storage compartment which is of great utility also in the living room.

A proposal brilliant, maximally functional and aesthetically perfect.

Sophisticated the proposed Outsunny with its modern design coffee table, satinano acrylic glass and plexiglass.

groundbreaking mix of materials creates a highly original product. It is, in fact, a small table, characterized by a surface of rectangular support, with curved sides downwards and curved feet upwards.

In this play of curves that follow are created two important inlets, very useful for the insertion of books and magazines. The transparency of raw materials, acrylic glass and plexiglass, donates to complement light and elegance.

A table can give maximum emphasis to every living room furnished in modern style.