Swimwear ETAM 2012: New Collection, Our Selection For Woman Summer 2012

L’été.. .the season both long-awaited forheat, holiday and rest but at once so feared for the famous race of the swimsuit. So rather than torture you to return to your former swimwear, as much to enjoy and order a new size and tastes of latest trends. Check out the latestcollection of Jersey of bath ETAM 2012, you will not be disappointed and will fall perhaps for one of them. A glamorous and retro spirit that will make you a real Mermaid on the beach.

In this new season 2012, what are the latest trends in swimsuits? Well this year, ETAM celebratesthe colours such as blue (very present in this collection) or red, patterns of marine, striped or floral type and finally cuts which favour the band although the rising panties made of more its entry. You choose the bathing suit who marries perfectly your forms and who will value, a way to hide small defects on which we would not necessarily draw attention. Do not forget the swimwear can be a challenge for some of us who don’t like not necessarily reveal our charms to the big day so make sure you do with class and femininity.
The Best Of The Collection Of Swimsuit ETAM 2012
Every year you like to replenish your stock of swimsuit, just to have something new to put you on the beaches of your holiday. You will surely find your happiness in the new collection of Jersey of bath ETAM 2012. A mark of value to have a sustainable Jersey and good quality. Feel free to enhance your outfit of beach with a few accessories sold on their site: glasses, beach dress, beach bag…
You have a bust but a little Tin who can ruin your life on vacation? So rather than do not stop thinking about it, opt for a swimsuit for your figure. This is the case with this way sailor swimsuit with a retro high waist panties and a bra push up that galbera your chest. In addition to marry your forms it will give you a side very pinup of the beaches. Bra price: €28,90 and high panties: €16,90.
This second swimsuit to a deep blue put on the sexy and finesse. All is formed by of cute braided ropes adorned with pearls; the fabric is covered with patterns cut which gives an impression of lace.This swimsuit will make capsize the heart without a doubt, you will certainly not go unnoticed. Price triangle top: €24,90 and panties: €12.90.
We end with a last swimsuit banner, very convenient to avoid unsightly Tan marks, a striped swimsuit both classic and simple, a great value. Headband price: €24,90 and panties: €14,90.
You just have to choose what will be your next swimsuit for summer 2012. All of the new collection of ETAM swimwear 2012 is to discover at Bombebikini.com.