Swimsuit: Learn How To Use It To Rock In Your Beach Look

With the current evolution of fashion, the rapid updating of trends is present in clothing and footwear, but also in swimwear. 

The beach fashion is stronger than ever, with collections updated and full of references, which undoubtedly provides an incentive to update the look of summer.

Some time ago the bikini was a unanimous one, and the swimsuits were left aside for hiding the body more. But before the advance of the beach fashion, the swimsuit has gained more space and conquered many women.

Currently the swimsuit has been the first option for a look for the beach or the pool, as the models have been redesigned and now they are made with new fabrics and prints, but also with more necklines, guaranteeing the same sensuality of a bikini. In fact, the sophistication of some pieces allows them to be used in other environments besides the beach.

Learn How To Wear A Bathing Suit

Get to know the different models of swimsuits you can find in stores and value your summer look.See below how to wear this beachwear with different characteristics, counting on the tips of ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS.

Colorful Swimsuits

The colors are very present characteristics in the beach fashion and surely, the hotter seasons refer us to colored pieces. The consultant Erica warns that the biggest influence of colors is how they reflect on people’s faces.

Color can make all the difference as it can highlight dark circles or even highlight points you wish to disguise. Meanwhile, the right choice of color can highlight the tan and as Erica adds: “The right color of the swimsuit can even make the appearance more colorless, with that ‘summertime’ that we seek.”

Printed Socks

The prints can be used as tricks to highlight or disguise body proportions, as Erica points out: “Here it is worth thinking about the proportion of the print in relation to the bone structure and stature of the person.”

“Unlike the story of a small print thin and big fat print, the print in the right size creates a harmonious result – that is, small people get more harmonious with small print and bigger people get better with bigger print,” adds Erica.

Black Swimsuits

Just like in dresses, the black color is seen as a great joker in the choice of a piece, so as not to run the risk of making a mistake. But Erica warns: “Contrary to what most people believe, black does not favor everyone.”

According to the consultant, the person who gets well using the color black, when choosing the color can convey an idea of ​​grandeur and authority. But at the same time, in some cases the color can become overwhelmed and create a sad and melancholy air.

Swimsuits Mom Tricks

This model is undoubtedly one of the swimsuits that most provide sensuality due to the amount of skin that leaves the show. The model can also be an option for those who do not want to wear a bikini, but also do not want a very closed swimsuit.

The model provides a more refined waist, being a good alternative for those who have this region of the body not so accented. Erica emphasizes the importance of sunscreen when opting for this model, if the intention is not to make the mark so evident.

Swimsuits Will Make You Fall

This neckline model is very present in mainly party dresses , but also leave the bathing clothes very elegant. This neckline is great for those who evidence the region of the neck and arms.

As the consultant points out, the fall will harmonize better in women with small breasts, and the lower women can also bet on this model as a feature to lengthen the silhouette. Another advantage of the neckline is to avoid the tanning marques that may conflict with some models of blouses.

Retro Swimsuits

Most vintage swimsuits are inspired in the 50’s, as the consultant Erica teaches, and these models refer to a sweeter style and are also more closed, leaving a smaller amount of exposed skin.

Some of the models have the seam and differentiated structure in the bulge, which can be an advantage for those who have bigger breasts, due to the sustentation that the model provides.These pieces undoubtedly are for women who have a more creative style and are not afraid to dare.

Swimsuits With Maxi Cleavage

The maxi neckline is a way to compensate for body parts that are hidden by the swimsuit. To choose this model it is interesting that you feel safe with your body, especially in the region of the breasts and lap.

“It’s great for those who have little bust and a good alternative to the” mother-fool “, guides Erica, due to the sensuality that the neckline provides. The consultant also indicates that the sensuality of the piece can vary according to the size of the bust and the crevice.

Swimsuits With Ruffles

The frills on the clothes convey a romantic idea and a more delicate style. This feature in the parts can also be used as a trick to evidence a specific region of the body.

“When choosing models with frills, it is worth considering the part of the body that you want to increase and choose a model with ruffles in that region,” confirms the consultant. Which confirms that ruffles can be used as a tactic to increase the butt or breasts, as many women wish.

Prepared Swimsuits

Embroidery swimsuits, acrylic articles and differentiated fabrics are more elaborate pieces that can often fulfill the role of body , if mixed with other parts in the lower part of the body, such as skirts and shorts.

The fashion consultant points out that these pieces are good options for refined parties, such as a pool party, for example, or for a boat trip. At the same time, Erica points out that these pieces may be impractical in practice, especially on the beach.

What’s The Best Swimsuit For My Shape?

The correct model of a garment, as well as the beachwear, can value some points of the female body, but also disguise others. The consultant Erica gives tips to choose the model most suitable for your body: “Take-it-and-fall swimsuits are great for those who have little bust, regardless of whether it is rectangular or triangular.”

On one of the sexiest models in the swimsuit, the “cheat-mama”, the consultant adds that they are more suitable for those who want to value the waist and has the rectangular body, because it sharpens this region of the body.

For those who want to disguise the large bust, it is advisable to invest in a garment that has the wider loops, which provides greater support for the breasts, and will ensure your comfort and safety on the beach.

A balance game can also be made using specific patterns and patterns, such as to disguise wide hips, for example. Erica advises, “To compensate for large hips, it’s worth investing in fall-like models, one shoulder only, and also in pieces with prints and other details that divert attention to the height of the bust.”

12 Wonderful Swimsuits To Buy Online

Check out the gallery with several models of swimsuits, with different necklines and prints, to buy online and receive at home. Undoubtedly, you will find the most suitable to favor your curves and stand out on the beach or the pool.