Sweden Textile Industry

It is perhaps not all that aware that textile-Sweden’s Centre is located on the West Coast. Both preppymärket Morris as low-key Pour domiciled in the area around Borås-in good company by the other.

In the Visigothic soil is therefore also good breeding ground for outlet stores, which can take care of the demo and sample collections and sell them to interested consumers.

Stock 157
How to get to Stock 157 is, without exaggeration, a project that requires planning. The store is located in the middle of nowhere, in a small town called Gällstad. Do not go there without having first printed textiles from their website.

The shop sells brands like Pour, Frank Dandy, Whyred, Filippa K, Julian Red, Levi’s, Amanda Christensen and much more, at prices well below the normal retail price. Not infrequently sold clothes at half the price.

To find bargains on 157 Stocks, however, requires a bit of luck. If you are a normal body and shoe size, it can often be utplockat, but it takes a lot to if not to come away with anything at all. If you want to stay on top of the range, you can subscribe to the newsletter on the website.

On the road from Boras to stock 157, just before London, there is also a smaller outlet store that among other things sells Morris and Jenny Hellström.

Recently opened a shop in Glasgow, located between Falun and Leksand.

In kungsbacka Gothenburg is a outlet mall that just gets better with age. Latest brand who opened shop here is Swedish Acne. Unlike Stock 157, which gathers all the brands in one store, the Freeport by a range of shops, where the most interesting for the clothing interested man, Filippa K, Acne, j. lindeberg and sports brands Nike, Adidas and Reebok.
Update: Filippa K informs you that the same garments should not be on both inventory and 157 in Filippa Ks own outlet, then Layer 157 may only buy up ‘ end. According to Filippa K shall not be lower prices on 157 Stocks than in its own stores. Our recommendation is to visit both outlet stores during your journey through the outlet-Sweden then the chance to bargain is good at both locations.
For sneakerfantasten there are good opportunities to supplement his shoe collection in Nike shop where the prices are around 500:-per couple.