Sustainable Fashion: The Shopping List For Fair Fashion Labels

Sustainability in fashion is a difficult subject. It is complex. It is schuldbeladen. It is one of the topics where you indeed affected responds, but also quickly again looks away. And it’s a topic in which there are no simple solutions – if at all. Because it is to much money. To corruption. To profit. To livelihoods. And last but not least to the insatiable, deep-seated need of people to decorate and look attractive – it what it costs.

In the run-up to Christmas many people worry about it, how they can do good. At the same time, the consumption is increasing exponentially. Exactly the right time so, to address the sensitive issue of “Purchase of fair fashion”.

This post was inspired by the blog Insurancejust. We make it here, to create a kind of shopping list for sustainable fashion labels together with all the readers of the fashion Whisperer? I am optimistic – if we take all of our experience together. Are you?

Prologue: A few thoughts on the topic of sustainability – not only in fashion

It belongs to the philosophy of fashion Whisperer, to encourage the readers to buy less, targeted, high-quality and therefore long-lasting fashion. That’s what I have made me quite realistic as a fashion blogger at this point. This – if only small contribution – is very important to me. Because the consequences of so-called “fast fashion” foreseeable serious – for man and nature.

Also I think it is decadent and a decent value system not wholesome, like in our society basically with consumption is being administered. And as I write this, is very aware of me, how much my own prosperity depends on the basic mechanisms of the consumer society. Anything else would be hypocritical.

Yet I am convinced: we need to us again to true values reflect. This applies to many areas, not just for fashion. I love the idea of a world in which the value of goods, which are made by people and for people, is again perceived and accordingly appreciated. Only when it becomes important again, goods are who how, why and for whom has made something, not more interchangeable, as desired, disposable – and the people behind it not a faceless “production capital” more.

What makes it hard to buy a fair fashion?

I am like many other readers here – quickly overwhelmed, – when it comes to replant the wardrobe with sustainable clothing. And if I have a certain idea of how a garment should look like, so it suits me, then I’m doing while not compromising on quality, very well but in the country of origin of fashion.

I then like to cradle me in the idea that high-priced premium labels can – enforce certainly better working conditions and more environment-friendly processes and unfortunately again note that this is only an illusion.

It is not easy to buy a fair fashion. The market is fragmented and confusing. Moreover, the persistent prejudice that might not fancy fair fashion. And then there are of course, there a wide range of initiatives and seal of approval, which are difficult to assess and make it also not easier for the consumer.

But the real problem is that the supply and production chains are so complex in the fashion business, you can see almost no one. The consumer at the very least. And we want to now let’s not talk of the ubiquitous misnomer.

Because only if, from the raw material extraction through the various processing stages up to the packaging and logistics all work processes environmentally friendly drain, be carried out ethically responsible working conditions and then also still fair pay, one can speak of sustainable fashion. And that is so in the fewest cases.

So where can I find this type of fashion?

The project: The shopping list for sustainable fashion labels

The fashion Whisperer has great readers. I always knew that. But when Constance judge approached me the journalist a few weeks ago, it was still something special. Because our E-Mail dialogue showed its offer to make me search results on sustainability in the fashion available. And the idea to make it somewhat easier for readers of fashion Whisperer, shopping fair fashion, became an ambitious project:

The project:

Will it succeed to build a shopping list for sustainable fashion labels join forces?

We have quickly agreed that this is absolutely possible. And so it came that Constance made me her extensive research material available: videos as well, like books, an overview of the common seal and initiatives for fair fashion and a first collection of sustainable fashion labels. I have enriched it with the exhibitors of the Green showroom, the fair fashion show in Berlin 2016.

This is our base, we present to you today. The blank as you slowly expand with your suggestions and experiences, improve, and can grind to a diamond.

And for those who dealt with the topic “Sustainability in the fashion” deeper immediately want to: at the end of this post you will find extensive material on further information on the subject in a compact overview – including all links.

Also, Constance has written an excellent researched summary of the Status Quo in the textile industry. You can download here this as a PDF document.

How can you contribute to the list of sustainable fashion label?

This is quite simple. Tell us in the comments which fair fashion labels you know with whom you have had good experiences. Describe what they bought and are satisfied with the quality as you the readers.

Two things are important:

  • Please put any links in your comment on the proposed brands! This could cause that lands your comment in the spam folder.
  • And: comments from fashion brands are not allowed. Because this is not self promotion, but the experience and recommendations of customers. If you like to want to be included in this list, please contact form directly to me. Thank you very much!

And here we go with a first, certainly still incomplete collection of sustainable fashion labels – I look forward to your updates!