Super Versatile and Comfy Leggings for Women

Leggings are still suiting and cutting-edge! Leggings out of today’s fashion is strictly speaking no longer to imagine: you think only of the many occasions in which the stretch pants are always the right choice! Whether to the dress, the rock, the hot pants or long shells like tunics – without leggings some outfits were not nearly as portable as they are with the skin-tight chaps! Especially on cold days, leggings allow you wearing your favorite parts over the summer months so you will never have in the autumn on your favorite dress! Even in winter, look leggings great boots and the long Cardigan and have the advantage that they are thicker and warmer than normal knit tights. Another advantage compared to the pantyhose is clearly obvious: The opaque Leggings have a mild compression effect, has a beneficial effect on your silhouette.

Leggings best 

Also have longer enjoy your leggings as on a pantyhose, because they won’t wear out through the foot room. Thus, leggings are your ideal companion throughout the year! In the summer the Capri pants is recommended: the leg of Capri pants ends already on the calf, so that this special type of leggings is specially pleasant to wear on warm days. Therefore, the Capri pants can perfectly complement the short pants or skirt or replace. Especially in the office, Capri pants certainly is the stylish way to Bermuda shorts. But you would have thought that the leggings are once again experiencing such a comeback? Already in the 1980’s leggings were all the rage: combined with over-sized sweaters and high heels you saw the original gym pants part in screaming colors and the shiny Lycra look.

For a long time afterwards leggings were decried accordingly as a fashion sin. Fortunately, those days are gone, and the leggings made a successful revival! More discreet unclenched and harmonically combined they have today largely freed from history. Since fashion knows no standstill, the comeback of the leggings has brought also new interpretations to: high trendy dress currently with treggings! Treggings are tight-fitting trousers made of elastic, partly shiny material. Leather Treggings, which smoothly processed so that the tight pants are still comfortable to wear and with every movement are extremely popular. Treggings often have a certain length, so that the material in the legs in fashionable wrinkles can compress itself. Leggings, treggings or capri pants:

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