Super Paquito, The Imaginarium Children’s Tablet

The Spanish firm Imaginarium has opted for the name of Super Paquito for this light and durable tablet designed for the little ones, which includes some functionalities of computers and smartphones and that allows the download of specific applications.

Christmas is approaching and one of the bets of the Imaginarium stores as gift at this time is called Super Paquito. This is the peculiar name that the Spanish company has chosen for this tablet for the smallest, which began to be commercialized in early September at a price of 299 euros.

It is a portable and lightweight device that allows you to handle it in a tactile way, which includes some of thefunctionalities of computers and smartphones,and allows the download of specific applications.

The tablet, with a screen of 9.7 inches and a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, has one of itsstrengthsinparental control, both content and privacy, but works better with external applications than with the preinstalled.

After a first impression, Super Paquito isvery interesting for children, especiallybecause it has many possibilities and allows parents and children to explore together, which can be agreat learningof new technologies for the little ones.

Parents have the possibility tocontrol all the optionsthrough an encoded management menu.You can block pages, create filters and lists of favorite pages or schedule how much time is used.

The tablet also hastwo cameras,2 megapixels on the front and 3 on the back.


It is madeof quality materialsand is solid and resistant in anticipation of falls and knocks.

Good functionality ofparental control,access, privacy and content, which can be blocked and programmed, but not equally rigorous for all applications.

Variety ofapplications,some of them very interesting.

Weak points

Very high price: 299 euros.There are tablets for children from 150 euros, although they are not as complete as Super Paquito.

Parental control only works with pre-installed applications, but it does with thedownloaded ones.

Some menu features areimpractical.

Autonomy limitedto little more than 2 hours.