Super Flashlight: Powerful Military Accessory For You To Present To Your Loved Ones

You want to please the person you love, but you are tired of giving those silly gifts that don’t even make more successful because it seems like every year you give the same thing?

Imagine you come home with a Super flashlight and giving as a gift for your husband? I’m sure he will be very grateful.

Man likes this kind of gift because the military and tactical accessories are full of benefits for the day to day, not including breaking the biggest branch in the most opportune moments. Actually you will be giving a great gift for him.

Really she is ideal for various situations and you can leave your husband ready for all of them. Continue reading here in this enlightening article everything you need to know about Super light. Good read!

What Is It And How Does It Work Super Flashlight?

The Lantern is an accessory of military origin and which has as its main objective serve to illuminate in the most complicated and lacking. So you will be prepared for all the many different situations, such as:







Not to mention the Super Flashlight has 5 lighting modes, after all the more different situations need different illuminations.You can use the following modes of use:


Sos So Weak

Sos Medium Mode

Sos So Strong

Adventure Mode

But, it is important to know that we do not recommend that you point to the human eye, because your power is so strong that it can cause momentary blindness.

Benefits Of Having A Super Flashlight:

Rechargeable Battery

High battery durability

You will never be without light




Be prepared for any situation

Did You Know That…

The Flashlight has the range of 800 meters and that is waterproof and anti-corrosion. Yeah … What are you waiting for to give your partner with this durable for a lifetime? To your lens is crystal clear to emit light from an LED efficiently and perfect.

For Whom Is Indicated Using The Super Light?

Men and women who enjoy military and tactical accessories practicing adventure activities and who are always looking for a tool that can help in various moments and situations.

How To Buy A Super Flashlight And When Costs:

You can buy your Super Flashlight directly from the official site. The cool thing is that she is not to be discounted and good promotions, see here:

Buying today you take home all for free:

2 extra batteries

1 battery charger

support cord 1

And more 30 days warranty

All This With 67% Discount

The Super is the best Lantern your by has 18000 lumens (6000w), uses 2 power batteries, has LED CREE Q5 of 100000 hours, in addition to being water-resistant and has a very high saving of your battery. This product is made in Brazil, is in stock and have immediate shipping. You just get in touch and close your kit.

All this for only R$129,00 + shipping or in installments up to 12 x of 12.95 without interest.

Cons Of Super Flashlight:

You have to be careful when testing your new accessory because it is so powerful that one should not point to your eyes. If you have kids, be careful because they will want to use your Super flashlight and you may run the risk of running out. Enjoy then to buy a few more kits and give away to them too and put an end to this problem.

How To Use My Super Light?

There’s not much mystery, you just follow the recommendations in the instructions for use but is almost didactic with signaling each mode of use. If you don’t like the results, return all your Lantern Super money back. The only thing you have to do is call customer service and explain why you’re not feeling satisfied with her. After that the attendant will help you solve this problem.

The Flashlight is also a super gift for father’s day, because the parents are tired of winning and clothes, give them a real present and that they will actually use in your day to day.

Not to mention the Super Flashlight can solve many domestic problems, because it can also be used as emergency light when a power cut. Don’t let to after what you can do today and buy a Super Flashlight.

Enter the site and order your kit soon and give him a gift he will never forget!