Super Flashlight: Meet The Tactical And Military Item Sold In Brazil

Have you ever heard of tactical flashlights and military are doing just the greatest success among Brazilians? Many people are talking about it because it’s not about any flashlight but goals that really can save a life.

So we’re going to talk about Super Torch here on the blog, because it was regarded by many scholars as the most powerful of the market and also stronger for being made of pure aluminum, that is, the same material that manufactures airplanes.

Read everything carefully and find out everything you need to know about Super Flashlight before you even order your.Good read.

What Is It And How Does It Work Super Flashlight?

Being a military flashlight, the flashlight is Super an accessory extensively, even under water, because she can handle about 6 metres of submerged without fail. In addition, who buys a Super Flashlight has a great advantage by the fact of her being elegant and powerful, making the person stay extremely prepared for any situation.

Your battery has a long life, and can provide hours of use on end without the battery runs out, that’s because it was developed to save energy when not in use, after all, are not all hours that the military can carry their lanterns and how they are for military use, all the advantages and features of this fact come bundled with the Super light.

Benefits Of Ordering The Super Flashlight:


Water resistant

Not deform at high temperatures

Made totally resistant aluminum

Has a zoom of 1 x to 2000 x

Reaches about 800 meters of

It has crystalline lens

Emits light that is much stronger and intense

Why The Bad Guys Are Afraid Of Super Light?

Simply by the fact that the Super Flashlight has a function of your LED light Flash and make a person is completely disoriented. The flashlight is Super great to save women from hazardous moments on the street the night alone because just point the flashlight in the eyes of the person who wants to make a wrong and she stays with a kind of momentary blindness.

This will be the time it takes for you to get out of that embarrassing situation and call the police for help.

Super Lantern Is A Friend Of The Environment:

When we use disposable batteries and we value the batteries that are rechargeable, as well as your batteries, the planet thanks you, because you no longer pollute the environment and makes a sustainable attitude, using batteries that can be reused without having to play outside in nature.

Where Can I Buy A Super Flashlight?

Between now on the official website of Super flashlight and guarantees amazing discounts. Here are the values:

12 x of R$12,90 containing:

2 batteries

1 charger

1 fastener

support cord 1

30 days warranty

Testimonials From People Who’ve Used The Super Flashlight:

“I was too scared to leave my work at night because it is completely deserted and that neighbourhood where I worked was very complicated, because it was surrounded by slums. He always had problems with assault, but after I learned how to defend myself with a Super Flashlight my life completely changed. I get off work already with the flashlight on, if someone approached me and I could see it was suspect, let the person already disoriented and run away. Never been robbed after I met a Super Flashlight “, says Fabiola Guimarães, 34 years, Rio de Janeiro.

“Since I started making tracks, always missed having a flashlight that could help me at all times, that’s when I once I got lost in a forest that I realized the importance of having a tactical flashlight, so even if I could withdraw my Super flashlight and lead me to the end of the maze. If I hadn’t, she definitely would have gone through worse problems. So if you do adventure tourism, always keep a flashlight near you “, Augustus Octavian, 25 years, Cabo Frio.

Don’t let to after what you can do today for you and simply don’t run more risk in your life. Enjoy the Super Flashlight is in promotion must and ensure your logo.

Not to mention that we’re close to mother’s day, I’m sure your mom will like win a security item as important as this, after all, as we work in the big cities, we are more likely to suffer attacks.