Sunglasses: Meet Two Models That Are Up!

I confess I’ve never been very close in trends in the world of sunglasses, but the two models that will show in this post got my heart! Is that thing: we see a blogger using here, a friend using there, then you know “personally” and man: is in love! Hahahaha

Fendi Eyeshine

Very unfortunately, the first frame I’m about to show you is nothing–not even in Brazil cheap nor outside, actually! I’m talking about this sensational collection of Fendi called Eyeshine, mixing the styles that are more bullish at the moment: round lens (and spread) with Kitty!

I met the model because of the Kah, who first bought the black (which I confirmed to be wonderful when seen in person on it) and then, in honor of your love for unicorns (hahahaha), scooped the turquoise too! But it has more colors also: rose gold, gold and white.

The value of each overseas is 555 bucks -for here, I found online to sell around 1,900, 2,000 reais (!!!). A quick search on Google, you can find several online shops selling, just do not know if they are reliable or not. Has in optics as well (it seems to me that the two were bought in Optics Carol, in São Paulo).

Ray-Ban Hexagonal

By Snapchat, noto where Lara Nesteruk (remember that dietitian to follow?) uses a Ray-Ban medium pink and mirrored lens. I think he’s very handsome and, for being more accessible, I even thought about buying. But then I saw the collection of Hexagonal tag and everything changed!

Noticed it randomly on the internet first and just went to learn the name digging the Instagram of Dkny. This model is chamfered in six parts. And the good (or bad, in the case of girls like me) is that it comes in various colors of lens: black, silver, Golden, Rosemary-lime, green and blue.

But even better is the price, much as the Fendi Sunglasses: outside goes for $150 and $175 black the other. Already here in Brazil, the price is 530 reais (on the website of Ray-Ban has two models only–from what I’ve seen on the internet, they are selling out super fast).

So, which of the two models of sunglasses was a favorite of yours? Leave your comment directly to!